Look What I Did :)

Photography is my second love.... Tell me what you think :)

^^ Amen.

^^^ Insomnia. Something every marine girlfriend, fiancee, or wife experiences. .  AHHHGGG poop on sleeping alone. I'm having one of those I miss my marine nights lol.

^^^^ Keep those dog tags close at all times. I have this weird mindset that if I don't take care of his dog tags that something bad is going to happen to him while he's deployed!!!!! So, I just made up a new superstition.  :)

I have sooo many more... but these are a few of my favorites. hahaha, i know they're so emo. . . but awesomely emo.


ok i'm a nerd... I have a flickr!! Here's some of my photography.....


hopefully the link works.

Paigerina Paigerina
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Thank you so much! These pictures really mean a lot when your sitting at home just thinking and hoping and wishing he would walk right through that door and hold you... I wear my baby's dogtags 24/7 and im so proud of him! thank you!

Girl those are just amazing... Really touching!!!! I think that you should go to photography why not if it something that you are good at and love to do.. go for your dreams girl... and your ring is so beautiful...

caligirl-- I just used picnik for all of them. It's probably God's greatest invention... www.picnik.com. To make the "tears" I just added every word separately. <br />
<br />
yellowmermaid- hahahah! i looove showing off my new ring LOL :) sooo it's a little obvious ;)<br />
<br />
Holls- AHHH well I have a super nice hp digital but I broke the charger!!! so these were taken on a normal boring digital camera. I want a big fancy camera soooo bad!!!!!<br />
<br />
thank you guys so much!!!! :)

woo paige you are good girlfran!! do you have a really good camera you use? or is it a digital one?

Lovely pictures, Paige! I love how you are showing off the new jewelry! The funkiness must be going around, my sleep and anxiety levels are kinda bizarre right now.

So pretty....I agree about the dogtags. Since I got his I haven't let them leave me. I kiss them every chance I get. I love the "I sleep alone so you don't have to." Another one of my favorites is "Sleep safe tonight, my Marine is on watch." How did you do the first picture with the words that look like tears? I am having a tough night too. Considering its 0130 and I have to be up in 5 hours. He is out on mission for 5ish days.......longest yet.


I love them! :)

:D thank you so much!!!! I think I miiiight major in photography, I've still got so much to learn and it's really one of the only things I'm semi good at lol. So you're boosting my confidence, thank you thank you thank you haha :)

Pretty girl, you've got some talent!

love them!!