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Hi ladies-


this is kind of a random post but I was wondering if anyone on here is from the Jacksonville, Florida area.  I just accepted an internship there at a local hospital and will be moving there in late August. I am looking into leasing a really cute studio condo downtown I came across the other day! It would be great to meet some fellow Marine girlfriends/fiances/wives there especially since Jon will be deploying the same time I am moving down south.  I am going to be a little lonely. Also, I have never been to Jacksonville, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Hope you're having a fantabulous night! =)))


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Hey I live in jacksonville my Marine is at MOS school right now.

I'm a former Marine and I live in Jax. I like it. Hope you do too. What hospital? I work at Shands.

i do live in jacksonville, san marco really... i just moved here in january and... came alone, unemployed... and in desperate need of some friends. this is also my first time on this site... so if i return - feel free to relpy.<br />
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i think you will like it here!<br />
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thats awesome!!! as of right now I found a studio condo downtown area and 2 miles away from the hosptial where ill be doing the internship. I am just worried that it might be in a shady part of town and I wont know until I move down there. <br />
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If you make it to Jacksonville while I am there we might have to do a beach day or something =)

Hey girl I actually Live an hour and a half away i live in tallahassee so we will be really close together. i have family that lives over there let me get with them and see what i can find for ya.. but if you go to craigslist.com and put in jacksonville florida i am sure you will find something.. great city really pretty but yet a big city atmosphere i like it over there.. =) congrats and i hope everything works out for you.. =)

I live about 5 hours away from j-ville, but i've been there many times, I LOVE THAT CITYYY. most of the times i'd go there it was for volleyball tourney's so i don't really have any info to give you. congrats by the way! =]

well i dont live down there, just wanted to say congrats!!! =)