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hmmmm, so since i'm super excited to go to the USMC graduation at san diego on august 13/14, I am already starting to make lists of what I will need to pack.  The first thing that comes to mind is clothes, obviously!

Now I know on the tips for Graduation site, they say it's not a fashion show, but come on.... I want to look good for my man!  I know they say family day you shouldn't wear sandals because you'll be walking a lot, but i wear sandals basically everyday of my life, so I'd be okay in that.  As far as what I should wear, what is appropriate??

Those of you who have gone to your Marine's graduation, what did you wear?  Is a dress inappropriate? How much time do you get to spend with your marine, and is the time private? (not PRIVATE private, hehe... but you know, not around the DIs and whatnot)

I'm a bit nervous about going, because I already know I'm going to want to be holding his hand and be by his side the ENTIRE time I can, but I don't want to impose on his family (mom dad sister gma)  Mainly I'm just excited to see him.  We got our flights home booked together, so I am very happy :)

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Do they really escort them???? I mean caleb wants to see me first and his mom said she'd record us? Does anyone know exactly what happens I hear in san diego we meet them in a restaurant ??? Someone help me out my family day is in 11 days so i'm really lookin' for answeerssss

yeah if his mom or grandma is there...they get escorted before you....

Bummer! I figured as much about not being able to have a real big hello. I imagine if I were in his shoes, I wouldn't want to come off too differently than the DIs and other recruits had seen me the whole experience.<br />
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Thank you everyone for the tips! I'm very excited to see where he's been for the past 3 months

his family had made shirts! so we all looked pretty much the same! I don't think it really mattered what i wore, he thought i looked beautiful bc it had been 3 months since the last time he saw my face! the worse thing is, is you want to do the whole "baywatch" scene and run to him with open arms, yeahhhh no! i was ancy the whole time!! You'll have a great time! Good luck girl...

Well first off brace yourself for the fact that the romantic first sight thing that you want isnt going to happen. He can't kiss you...or even hold your hand. And if his mother will be there he will most likely take her by the arm first to lead her around...its just how they teach them. Honestly dont go crazy patriotic or anything like that. Having went to the one in San Diego...I thought it was going to be crazy hot....not the case that i was stuck in a cute sundress and freezing lol. So take a light sweater...and I wore heals all day and was fine...its just what your used to wearing you know. Im also going to suggest you find out his platoon and find out how they will line them up on the parade deck in front of you....oh and the metal bleachers suck....because you are sitting on them for sooooooo long. And make sure you have your camera when they do their run before the ceremony in the morning on family day lol.....the short shorts kill me everytime I see the picture of Miles in them....and good luck....

okay well im in san diego and first off its kinda warm so be prepared for that...and i went to my brothers and family day i wore a nice tanktop and jeans...and for graduation i wore my USMC jacket and jeans and i wore flip flops but thats just could wear heels...<br />
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umm when jaime[[my bro]] graduated from MCRD family day they do the motto run and you get to watch them and then you go see a movie while they clean up and then we went around and we ate in the courtyard thing while he was in uniform and got to spend time with him and that was so fun <br />
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and then grad day we got there early to see the flag cerimony and get a spot you can see their bags all lines up and stuff and then you see them march in and all that and then you can take him home!!!<br />
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and the girls are right you cant hold hands you can only stand on his left side i believe and he can hold your arm...

um yeah you guys cant really hold either just walk side by side or he holds your bf and i didnt even do that cuz thats not us we just walked close far as clothes go you can wear whatever you want but its not like super formal like the girls were saying...fam day i wore a cute bohemian skirt with a plain tee n cardigan...graduation i wore leggings and a smock top with a light was cool and rainy when i went so bring a hoodie and pack an umbrella just in case...or maybe put one in ur purse<br />
also if u go shopping at the shops or whatnot make sure you do it later in the day b/c my dumbass did that in the morning and had to carry it all day or my bf and i would take turns holding the bags

i have never been to family day/graduation before but from i have heard on here and from friends is exactly like she said...cute/comfy is the of course wanna look good for your man, but rememeber that this is his moment to remember that he has been away from you just as long as you were away from probably wont realize what your wearing til WAAAAYYYY later!! he just wants to see your beautiful face at the moment;-) good luck and let us know how it goes!!!

I wasn't with my bf when he graduated from bootcamp, but I attended my bros graduation in April :)<br />
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Family Day- I wore a USMC tshirt that my parents had made with my brothers platoon and a pair of jean shorts. Most people I saw were wearing something along those lines. You could wear a cute, casual dress if you wanted, but you want to be cute/comfy. Also, I wore slip ons. I think flip-flops would be okay but there is a lot of walking. This was my fav. day because we got to walk all over and see different things. As far as private time, that will be up to your bf. We took my brother to bowling alley at MCRD for lunch and walked around. He was excited to introduce us to his buddies in his platoon. DI's are walking around the whole time. You dont want to be too mushy gushy because the guys do have 1 night left there and I have heard stories of DI's giving men **** because of things they saw happen on Family dont want to get him in trouble. :)<br />
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Graduation- This day is a little more dressy. I wouldn't go over board with a super fancy dress and outrageous heels. I wore a casual dress and cute flip flops. There is a lot of sitting in the bleachers on this day. After the ceremony the guys are told to get out of MCRD as quickly as possible. My brother was practically running to leave the place :)<br />
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Have sooo much fun out there! it is a great place and the whole experience at MCRD is awesome! <br />
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If you have any questions, let me know!