I really, really dislike the fact that people can delete your comments on their stories.

When you write something like "I'm so depressed, I miss him so much, when will these feelings disappate?" AND HE ISN'T LEAVING FOR TWO MORE MONTHS, you're going to get called on it.

Having a weak moment is not a bad thing. Everyone has them. Even posting them is not a bad thing. If it's out of proportion, you'll probably get a "WTF" from people around here. But even an out of proportion weak moment isn't a particularly bad thing. You can learn from them. If you delete them and pretend it never happened because that's how you want it to be in your fairy floss, fairies and ******* sunshine world YOU WILL NOT LEARN FROM THEM.

If you don't learn then any relationship is screwed, let alone one with someone in the Marine Corps.

Grow the hell up and learn to take criticism because it isn't all sunshine and rainbows in the real world.

ammylouise ammylouise
4 Responses Aug 2, 2009

i think that is so annoying...its like you asked our opinion and usually if you post a story, someone is gonna reply...if you dont like the answer you get, OH WELL!! there is gonna be ppl in this life that aren't gonna like you and there is gonna be those who do...just deal!!

yeah i know ammy, geeze all the new girls are so touchy and do not take criticism very well....it gets me wondering how many ppl are honest with these ppl like we are?? or does everyone just sugar coat **** for them?? or just lie to make tem feel better??

Lol. AMarineHasMyHeart or something? There are a lot of new girls with similar names -_-

who now? damn it, we need to issue virtual straws with membership. :)