On the Topic of Cheating...

My boyfriend moved in with me and my family in April of 2008.  He had gotten into it with his family... blah blah and was kicked out.  A very hard time for us, but we worked it out and hey it was fun living together :)

In October of 2008 (3 months before boot camp) we had a bonfire with some friends at our house.  I went to bed a little early, having to work at 9 the next morning.  He said he'd just have some friends over and he'd be to bed shortly.

When I woke up he wasn't there.

I called him multiple times, no answer.  I called his friends, no answer.  & I started to get worried.  My boyfriend and his friends are the type that will go mudding at 2 a.m. or get the boat out and fish.  So I was thinking the worst.  Plus it was  8 in the morning and who would be up to answer.

While I was at work he texted me off his phone and said that he went hunting and was in a tree stand and had been since 5 a.m.  To me-- very typical.  I had no problem with it and my worries were over.  After work, I picked up his favorite chili from Culvers, and bought us both paninis from Atlanta Bread for dinner. I figure a day of hunting has got my man hungry. 

When he got home he said he had eaten at his friends and would take it to lunch the next day.  So I ate my food and he put his in the fridge.  He didn't act funny at all.  I asked him what they did the night before.  He said they left our bonfire then went to a friends that was having a party.  He said it was a pretty good time and that he didn't want to wake me. & I told him that night that I was going to the doctor Monday because I thought I was pregnant.

At the time, we were two peas in a pod.  Never did I EVER think that he would cheat on me.  Yeah a little naiive but at the time we were together for two years.. so don't you think if he was going to he would have already. 

THREE days later at school an old friend came up to me.  She said "Hey me and you used to be cool so there is something I've got to tell you... Your boyfriend cheated on you at my house.  I wasn't sure if you guys were still together but I think you need to know."  At that moment I looked her in the eye and said "Wow you're ******* cool don't bullshit me" and pushed her in the hallway & walked away.  She yelled down the hall "It was with ______(*****) & I'm not her friend anymore"

It was 10:14 a.m. and I walked out of school.  I couldn't even believe that my boyfriend who lives with my family that buys his clothes, feeds him, & gives him a bed to sleep in, would ever do this.  I was a complete psycho and went off because the only person I ever loved just broke my heart.

I called him at work, skipped the rest of the day, missed volleyball practice.  He came to talk, and I kicked him out of the house for 3 weeks.  All hell broke loose. Total emotional meltdown.

All I could think was:

1. When I told you I thought I was pregnant you had the nerve to be excited and go with me to the doctor and not tell me you cheated.

2. I heard from someone else that you cheated on me.

3. You're leaving for bootcamp in three months.

He was leaving for bootcamp in three months!  After 3 weeks of barely talking, I told him my mom said he could live with us because she was worried about him.  More time went by and we didn't talk even though he lived with me. 

One day I went to his room and said: "You're leaving for bootcamp and I don't want to regret not making this right before you leave"

Things were rocky, and things hurt.  We did more crying then laughing.  We fought more then we rejoiced.  & I was disgusted in the thought of making love to him when he made out with another girl.  Right before he left (December) we decided to just try and be happy for a little bit since we didn't have much time.  We tried to act as normal as possible but it just didn't work.

He left in January, and I was terrified.  I had this notion that when he came back we would break up.  Then one day I realized... This is our break from seeing eachother. 

We wrote letters, and I told him I was going to wait for him and see how everything panned out when he came back.  Oh, and I wasn't pregnant... Just missed my period.  He would write all the mushy things and I would to.  When we saw eachother for the first time in 3 months we clicked.

And during is 17 day leave (7 extra days for R.A.) we made all the wrongs right... And he told me that he doesn't want anyone else, he wants to grow old with me, ,and he wants me to have his babies.  

The time apart did things to us that would have never happened if he didn't join the Marines....

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I wouldn't have taken him back esp after he didn't have the stones to tell me. And I wouldn't want to be with someone who is going to be gone alot. But if it makes you happy then that's all that matters. But I wouldn't trust him.

Thanks for the support ladies!<br />
<br />
It was a tough time but as of now we're happier then ever and we realize what we both want and need in eachother.<br />
<br />
Well, we'd be even happier if we weren't apart! But we all know we can't pick and choose when our marines are home!<br />
<br />
Always look to the good things in bad times... You'll be more appreciative that you took time to try instead of never trying at all.<br />
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Semper Fi

I look up 2 u tho, bc i dont know what i would do if matt ever cheated on me! I mean i say that i prob would leave him but that would be the hardest thing i would have 2 let go in my life! but were married 2, & i mean we took a vow thru better or worse... I just dont know if i have the strenght 2 forgive something like that!

Thats wonderful guys! im glad you could work things out, time does alot of things 2 ppl in different ways & this sounds like what u guys needed. Hope things only go up from there!

im glad you were able to work thru it...i really am congrats

Aw bless, I'm glad you worked through it. xx

aw girl thats tough. i wouldnt have taken him back but im glad you did and im glad things worked out =]