I'm So F**king Angry I Could Scream

So my hubby got home from Deployment 2 weeks ago. He went into work and came home today and say Hun. I was like there must be something up. I could tell in his voice something was up.

Apparently at work today another guy came to him and said your going to be shafted so this is a heads up. For all that know me my and the ones that don't know my hubby has been away 19 months out of the last two years. So this is a slap in the face.

Then a guy higher then my hubs comes to him and says well you were home first so you will need to go away for the full amount over the holiday period. Are you freaking kidding me. He is always away get another person.

This will be the fourth Xmas of him being away after we were promised he would be home. Yes I know its the forces and yes I will deal with it by holding my head high. but as far as all else goes for today I am going to have my ***** and then pick up the pieces and carry on like I do. xx

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Thanks ladies. We have no idea yet. Once again His shift has gotten screwed over. I will look at the bright side at least I will be gettin my sofa sooner than expected.xx

This sucks girl!!! I am sorry! Hold your head high and keep going. I know you are strong as you have proven it. You can always come visit me too. let's chat!

I'm sorry January -hug- That sucks.


Thanks for your comment.<br />
Very true but the thing is he is in the British forces and there are far fewer men to deploy another thing in the british forces they can ask for a medical downgrade for almost anything which entitles them to not be deployable. One good thing is he only has three years left and then his pension will start. Thank you Jesus. x

He needs to know the situations of the other guys in his unit. If anyone else has less time away; been home on the holidays more often; he can go up the chain with it. He is not required to do more than his fair share. It sounds like someone is getting favoritism. He may need to call attention to this to the higher up's.