hello everyone..

ive been engaged to my fiance for 10 months now. he and are only 17 but have our wedding date set for june 19 2010, a few days after we both graduate high school. i recently found out that he enlisted in the marines.... i am very scared about him leaving for boot camp and all the other times he will have to leave. i need some support please and suggestions on how to keep myself busy when he leaves

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u know the only thing that really stuck out with me is the fact that you have been engaged for 10 months and are just finding out that he is going to be a Marine. that tells me somethings about your level of communication and makes me quite speckulative on if this would last. you have to have very open and honest communication to make it through...<br />
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we have a girl that isn't even engaged yet, her boyfriend hasn't even left yet but there communiciation by far surpases yours.

I am seventeen and engaged, just graduated high school. We aren't getting married until June 2011 though.<br />
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Pretty much do what the rest of the girls say. Good luck!

stay busy by doing things w/ friends and family, go to the gym or find yoga and kickboxxing to do! when your really missin him u should write in a journal it helps so much!!<br />
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I agree that its good to experience the marine corps lifestyle before you commit to it as well. It definitely takes some getting used to...and some people just can't handle it.<br />
I just turned 18 and got married. I've been with my husband for 3.5 years and 3 of those he's been enlisted..<br />
Also you say you found out that he enlisted...this isn't something he discussed with you beforehand?

I would suggest at least goin through boot camp before you get married. Because like said before, they change. Most cases I hear for the better, they mature more, & figure out what they want in life. but sometimes, It makes them want to just be single, & figure their life out more without any commitments. Plus it will give you a feel for the military lifestyle & whether you can handle it or not. It is hard, & we won't sugar coat anything for you. <br />
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another thing- we all understand you're "scared" because he's goin to the's ok to be scared about how this will affect your relationship, and it's ok to be scared about not talking to him, but PLEASE, as long as he is at boot camp or on base, don't worry about his safety. We get so many girls that come on here & start talkin about how scared they are for their men that are in boot camp & we can't help but laugh. He is safe. If he's not in Iraq or Afghanistan-He is safe. Just keep in mind there are ladies on here who have not talked or heard from their marines for days, weeks, sometimes even months because they are over in Iraq or if you're gonna go on & start sayin how you hope he is safe in boot camp, don't be surprised if some of them jump on you. cuz they will. <br />
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another thing a lot of newbies confuse that we correct a lot- Your man is a recruit. he will be a recruit until he graduates from boot camp. these men work hard for that title, & we don't allow it to be thrown around lightly.<br />
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but anyway-welcome, & if you need to talk or ever have questions, message me.

I think its a good idea to experience a little bit of the whole marine life before you get married. Boot camp is a good time for you to figure things won't have much contact and its almost like a mini-deployment. But there are SO many ways to keep yourself busy. Go to college! Read some books (my husband has been deployed for 3 months and I have read 24 books! haha). Get a job. Make some new friends. Don't just put your life on hold while he's gone and sit around the house all the time..keep living! :) Boot camp truly changes a man, but in all of my experiences with all of my friends in the military, it has made amazing people out of them. And if you ever need someone to chat with, def. feel free to message me!

i feel for you. i was 17 and engaged. <br />
i dont know you but make sure you know thats what you want.

First off I don't have any quams with getin married young. However you have a whole life time and what is the rush getin married so young? <br />
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Also the forces lifestyle is a huge commitment and I really think you have to live with it a bit and make sure you can handle it because it is not cut out for everyone. <br />
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You can stay busy by Uni or taking a class exercise, getin a job and on and on. However I think you should take it slow. I'm here if you ever want to chat..x