Hey i am new to this.!! my name is Tiffany.!

Me and fiance meet in gym class in high school..we started dating right away.! we have been dating for two years and are getting married january 2nd...I couldnt be more happier.!! I am only 18 and no that he is the one i want to spend the rest of my life with.. he is in iraq right now...it is the hardest thing i ever had to do in my life...its hard not to pick up the phone and tell him all about my day.!! but im very proud of him and cant wait for him to come home.!!!


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Hey, I'm V, DJ is undeployable right now because he got back from japan before we met. I know that feeling too!! =) I'm really happy for you and wish you the best. keep us posted. I'm here 4 u too.

It is good to meet all of you.!<br />
You guys have helped me soo much already.! =)

welcome to the site! im hollie [= ♥

welcome to the site! im hollie [= ♥

Ya ill be 19 in December..!<br />
well tanner proposed to me on January 1st before he left for iraq..in nc at the beach.!! =)<br />
so we wanted it to be the 1st but the wouldnt cauz its a holiday so we went with the 2nd cauz its the closest..lol <br />
thanks for all your guys help.!!!

Hey I'm Storm (no seriously that is my name which is another story) anyway my marine just came back from Iraq like a day ago. Let me know if you need anything!

heyy im arielle! im 18, but ill be 19 in 16 days lol. congrats on the wedding, thats so exciting. i also met my marine in high school! message me if you ever need anything !

heyyy im caitlin!!<br />
im 18 and chris is 20 and we have done one deployment to iraq already and are about to do one for 13 months to afghan if you need anything<br />
message me :)

hey I'm Leena, <br />
wow you get married january second? how come the second day of the new year? Any special meaning??<br />
my marine is not deployed, he is actually non-deployable right now which i am very happy about.<br />
looking forward to hear more from you :)

hey girl<br />
my name is emily and my marine is currently in afghanistan<br />
i know how you feel<br />
if you need to talk message me :)