Best Day So Far.

 Well, I'm off to London tonight FINALLY! I've been waiting for it to arrive seemingly for forever! I'm really excited and nervous too. I worked my last morning with the kids that I've been nannying for the past year and it was their first day of school so I took them and they were all upset when I had to leave them. It was kinda sad for me too actually cause I love those kids and they're better than they were when I started with them so its I have seen all that progress and now I dont get to see them til christmas, but they already have a new nanny.

I'm waiting for my laundry to be done so I can pack everything and then finish cleaning up my room. I just have to go buy electric converters for my chargers. As i was coloring in some spots on my black heels, my phone started going crazy and I was ignoring it and then I looked down and it was an unknown number so I picked it up and the voice said "Hey baby its me!" I started crying! I hadn't talked to him since last friday and I had a really stressful week and was getting really nervous about going to school across the pond and he just made my day and my week and my month all in one 45 minute phone call. He was like "I know youre packing right now so i dont want to keep you or bother you." I went "ARE YOU CRAZY!? YOURE NOT BOTHERING ME!!" and he laughed and we just talked about everything and he told me I was going to do amazing because its what ive always wanted and sacrificed a lot for, and all that kind of stuff reassuring me that he would be proud of me no matter what. It was sweet and then he told me that he got my care package!!! It got there about 4 days ago and I only sent it out last monday! Crazy! He loved everything I put in there and the cookies got there whole and all his buddies are pretty much in love with me now lol! His room mate had a really bad headache and no one had anything for him so Derek pulled out the excedrin like it was no big deal and they were all like "where the hell did you get that from?" and he told em it was from me and his roomie said "TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND I LOVE HER!" he was ready to kick all their ***** because they started requesting stuff and telling him that I was the best. And then...they saw the coloring book! LMAO it was awesome. I did it to be goofy and he appreciated it but he said everyone was like "WTF?!?!" LOL mission accomplished. He absolutely loves the foot powder cause it keeps his feet dry and his boots from stinking and now everyone hes friends with has been asking him to use some, so I guess I will send more lol. Good addition to any care packages you will be sending your Marines. =] 

Anyway, It was so nice to hear his voice because I wont hear it again until I get home in December. I'll pray for a call at christmas. I feel so much happier and more at ease, stress. He couldnt tell me ANYTHING though other than where his missions were to. He said there was so much he wished he could say but isnt allowed because of OPSEC and I just told him that I totally understood and I didnt want him to say anything he isnt allowed. I think hes a lot more stressed out than he's letting on so I just encouraged him to write me letters because it really does help de-stress. He's going to do it (so he says...) and I really hope so because I want letters from him! LOL! 

Well girls, thats all for now. I guess I will jump on EP again while I'm at the airport and waiting for the stupid plane. All I know is I better not be sitting next to or in the vicinity of any babies. lol! 

Youre all fabulous women and just know that I pray for you and your men on a regular basis and I hope that all you girls with your men deployed or in boot keep your head up high and walk a little taller because we are dating the best men on this earth. It may be hard but we can do it because we are a special breed of women. Thanks for being here for me girls, it means A LOT! 


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Congratulations and have lots of fun! :)

awwww how exciting!!! ahahaha and omg i cant believe you sent him a coloring book ahahaha bc i sent him a coloring book to when he was in iraq ahahaha<br />
<br />
and congrats on london your gunna do great!

aw YAYYYYY! you're finally leaving for europe! how freaking exciting! wellllll i wish i could right a bigger comment but i'm still in school haha, i'm such a bad student... BUT, just know that on the way to barbados courtney and i had to sit infront of TWO BABIES!!!!!! it was horrible... one was old enough to kick!!! lol, so i will pray for a good flight for you! have fun, i'm sure i'll comment back on this story lol :) loveeee youuuu

Oh no, I'm american NJ born and raised lol. I nanny for a family in town. I'm not a live in though. I only live 5 mins from their house haha. Lucky me. <br />
<br />
Nope...I didnt get a bigger suitcase. I got rid of more clothes and then bought a few essentials for fall haha! It all fits though. Im also taking a carry on with a couple outfits just incase my baggage gets lost which shouldnt happen *crosses fingers and knocks on wood*!<br />
<br />
My flight is 7 hours depending on if we are on time, can take up to 8. I never get jet lagged because I have traveled so much with my dad around the world (he's a corporate pilot...not airline) so I adjust almost immediately. It helps that im also an insomniac mostly haha. <br />
<br />
We are dating amazing guys! I just put the cookies flat in a ziploc bag and la<x>yered them and then packed the box with news paper haha the cookies werent even crushed but ive heard you can put them in a plastic container. I didnt do that cause it ate space. The flat packed bags worked like a charm! <br />
<br />
Thanks girls!

oh wow thats just awesome he called you while you were packing!<br />
You are a nanny right now?? are you from england and just going back, or are you american and you just go to school over there?<br />
<br />
I wish you the best for your flight, and it's gonna be sooooo exiting once you're there! :)<br />
Oh, but I can already tell you, you will have the jet lag of your life... but it will go away :D

Aw bless, I'm so excited for you. Everything is falling into place. I should have told you to get some melitolin from the shop to help you sleep. Cause your going to be jet lagged for a bit and Melitolin is natural. xx