okay so i got a phone call from tanner today and he is suppost to be home from iraq mid october.!!! YAY im super excited...!! 

Is anyone stationed in Yuma Arizona or close by?? That is where we will be relocating the 1st of the year.!!

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Thanks everyone.!! You all helped me through alot! <br />
and Kbgirl keep yourself busy and may will be here soon.. =)

YAY CONGRATS!! i am so happy for you girl! i can't wait for my homecoming in MAY! hahah, but seriously w00p w00p for you! :)

Bah I haven't talked to him since he left though. I'm trying not to fret over it, still waiting for a letter but I'm not worrying my head too much about it. Gets a little better with each day atleast [kinda!]

Hey girl, I just messaged you, but I'm really happy for you :D

He is not coming home tell December. He is returning to NC so he can save his time for Christmas and the wedding. Plus we will need a few extra days to move.<br />
<br />
Im sorry to hear that. Just hang in there things do get easier with time and all the technology these days its much easier to stay in contact. * thanks god for that*

Aaaawww :) Good luck and Congrats. Sucks that he was gone so long :( How long does he get to stay home before / after deployment? I'm a little new to dating a Marine... well mine isn't a Marine just yet, he's finishing OCS in 3 weeks! yay!

Thanks sweetie..! Its really hard..! He has been gone for 8 months.!!! Really looking forward to his return.. We r getting married January 2nd... =)

Yay! Congrats and it's good to know he's returning home safe and sound (: How long was he in Iraq for, Love?