My Angel-faced Marine

I am a husband to a beautiful United States Marine. She has just flown off to her MOS in Monterey, California.

The group name doesn't say anything about husbands, but I can't find a group like that on any site anywhere. .

My wife and I met in highschool. We were raised in Marine families and went to school on base. We were good friends for a year, and right before I graduated we both admitted our deep attraction for one another. We had one akward first date that ended in fireworks. It was love at first kiss and after that night, she was the only girl in the world for me.

Less than a year later and her father (Sgt Major), got stationed down in Beaufort SC. So every weekend I would drive down to visit with her. 1 year after that and I moved to NY to work for a defense contract company after an invitation from the owner. My father (retired Gunny) met the owner and CEO while he was in Iraq and they found a mutual respect for one another during a heated arguement. My father works with me now and we armor vehicles for the armed forces, create ballistic shields for the USSS and other friendly governments and been in the works to designing some other cool things.

So for 2 years we spent a thousand miles apart, seeing each other for a week every other month. It was hard, but I don't regret a thing. If I've learned anything from this is that we've been made stronger as a couple from the distance. Bootcamp and MCT was another form of that. 3 months of bootcamp and we got married (it was perfect). After 2 months of MCT (it was a mess) she's now in Monterey at DLI. We're waiting for our house and ready, after 4 years to finally start our life together as a family.

I don't know if I belong in this group or not, but I just have to share all these thoughts and all these emotions with someone else that can understand. I guess that's it for now, more posts will follow.

Thank you for reading through all that

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Nice to meet you ;) I'm Ammy.<br />
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I'd been wondering if something like this would come up to tell you the truth, been seeing a few things regarding female Marines lately.

hey!!!! that is really an adorable story. you belong in this group because you're strong and can handle long distance :D <br />
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I'm Paige and my fiance's name is Christopher!!!

hey!!!! that is really an adorable story. you belong in this group because you're strong and can handle long distance :D <br />
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I'm Paige and my fiance's name is Christopher!!!

Welcome to the site!!! If you're looking for advice or you just want to share a story, you've definitely come to the right place! I'm Sarah by the way.

hey! you're definitely welcome and ALSO...<br />
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my boyfriend is stationed at beaufort MCAS, SC! it's so rare for me to meet or have heared anyone that's from there... even if it is your father in law! haha i'm kirsten by the way, and your story is great, she sounds wonderful :)

awww i love your story!! welcome your deffinately welcome in this group even tho were majority of ladies its our marine loves that bring us together

awww! welcome! im hollie [:

Thats such a cute story! My name's Allison and my bfs name in Tony. I'm in the army and he's in the marines so i can definately relate to your jobs taking you different directions.<br />
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Good luck and you're more than welcome here.<br />
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Btw thanks for what you're doing for the troops as well!

Aww your story is so cute! and im happy for you both!<br />
welcome to the group!

Aaawww that's so freaking cute lol, Welcome though :D

hey< welcome to the group!! my names Leah, and Justin is a tow gunner too =)