Marine Quotes Some Asked For.

  • I’d rather be kissing than missing my marine
  • This bed is lonely without you here, missing my marine.
  • Half of my heart is in ______
  • The marines my have my husband, but I have his heart.
  • It may say US Marines over his heart, but it belongs to me.
  • No matter how many pillows I pile the bed with, it’s so empty without him. Missing my deployed Marine.
  • A Marine’s girl fights her hardest battle when she kisses her marine goodbye.
  • Missing you gets easier everyday, because it brings me one day closer to being with you again.
  • I’m the girl who worries everyday your away. I’m the girl who will stand by you through everything. The girl who is proud to say you are mine. The girl who loves you with my whole heart. I miss and love my marine. Come home soon.
  • I sleep alone so you don’t have to. Proud Marine Girl missing my marine.
  • Just because he’s deployed doesn’t mean I’m single.
  • True love knows no distance. Loving & Missing my marine.
  • I may wear the glass slippers..
    but my hero wears combat boots.
  • I’m the girl who waits months for a single kiss
    a kiss that makes the months apart worth every second ♥
  • God made some of the strongest women, and made their match with a Marine!
  • Forget shinning armor, I’m loving my hero in his dirty cammie’s.
  • Roses are red, cammies are Green, I’m in love with a US Marine
  • Distance makes the weak weaker, and makes the strong stronger

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oh i like this one!! <br />
<br />
"Roses are red, cammies are Green, I’m in love with a US Marine "<br />
<br />
i thought i have heard every single one out there...but you had to prove me wrong! thanks hun! great share!