Hug Him Just a Little Bit Tighter

So today I got that phone call from Steve! It was a much better phone call than the last! I'm sorry if I freaked you girls out, but believe me when I say that my heart hit the floor before I had that sigh of relief. Anyway, although his friend said he wouldn't be able to call until next week, they got back early and he called today! It was amazing to hear HIS voice and know that he's ok. We got to talk for about 20 minutes, and catch up like old times. God it was great to have him feel so close for just a moment. Anyway, he said that they'll be out for longer periods of time, so he won't be able to call as often. Kind of a bummer, but hopefully the time will fly by faster.

On a little bit of a sour note...

I got a letter from him today too. It was from 3 weeks ago, the day he called me in sort of a panic. He didn't sound like himself, and I was so worried about him. Well, this letter explained everything. He first apoligized for sounding the way he did. He said it was because he had a few brushes with danger that day that really freaked him out. He told me that he and 4 of his buddies were patrolling a street when he stepped on an IED. Fortunately, the battery was dead in it, so it didn't go off. It was discovered by one of his friends after he had come into contact with it. The tears were already streaming down my face at this point. He then said that as they were continuing on, they were getting closer to a small village. At one point, people were firing at him, and the bullets were literally flying all around him. He said it was just like a movie. Luckily, everyone was okay and no one was hurt, but I couldn't help but feel like my nightmare was coming true. He was lucky that day, and I am so incredibly thankful. I am so thankful for whoever was watching over him and his buddies that day. I know that I will hug him a little bit tighter and kiss him a little bit longer when he gets home.

I hope I didn't scare any of you other ladies. I just really needed to share this. I will pray for all of our deployed men, and their safe returns.

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No worries FutureMrsMarshall!! Thank you for thinking of me and leaving comments that lifted my spirits! <br />
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Hollz! I know..I was so scared reading it, but he's okay and that's all that matters. We just have to think positive. Oh that's awesome!! I'm so happy for you too!<br />
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I'll hang in keep your head up too girl.

omg girl God was watching over him that day! thank goodness he was alright ya know? and im so happy you got a call from him yayyy! my marine called me at 12 last night and i got 15 min to talk to him too yayyy:]<br />
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xOxO hang in there girlfriend okays?<br />
we can get through this!

I am so sorry girl!!! I clicked an arrow accidently at the bottom of yours b/c I was like "oh...more comments .. ok next page.." and then was it was "You did not like this comment." and now I can't change it and that is NOT true! and I'm sorry! if if this was my story and someone said that to me. it would hurt my spirit, so I just wanted you to know I DO LIKE YOUR STORY!! I'm just silly and cant work this thing yet!! Please forgive me!!

Thank you ladies. I could not be more grateful. Foreverhis..He should hopefully be home by thanksgiving..crossing my fingers. <br />
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p.s I balled my eyes out too ladies

I swear I wasn't sensitive before Joe, but he made it ok for me to cry again, and your story made me cry! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! It is a good reminder to hug a little tighter for sure!! and I am soooo glad Steve and his buddies were in God's hands that day! I am by no means a strict gf, but our 1 rule is "You cannot go to combat unless you comeback safe, or else you have to stay home." Like many of you, I don't know what I would do if something happened to him. Thankfully Steve is safe!!!

wow thank God someone was watching over him! i'm glad to hear he's okay! i hope when ryan gets home he doesn't share any of these kind of stories with me cause if he does i won't let him go back over there haha ;)

I'm sorry that happened but I hope you did enjoy the phone call sweetie. Head up, it'll be over soon and he will be back in your arms so soon =]

Aw congrats on the phone call! I can't imagine that feeling! Thank God he's ok:)

I'm so glad God was watching out for him and his friends! thats so scary, but you and him and his buddies will all be in my prayers.