We're Not Always Perfect...

I almost forgot what I agreed to when I agreed to be your girl. 

I agreed to a hell of a lot more than just to love you with all my heart. 

I agreed to love you,

I agreed to love the Marines even when I may hate them for keeping you from me,

I agreed to willingly separate myself from you for months at a time,

I agreed to sit up at night waiting for a call or a text or something to remind me that you’re still out there- thinking of me,

I agreed to worry about you on the inside but stand tall on the outside,

I agreed to take any of the bullshit naysayers may dish my way,

I agreed to stand up for myself and you and the choices we have made and will make in the future,

I agreed to sleep alone at night without you but to always keep a spot warm and ready for when you return,

I agreed to hide my tears and fears, to be your rock for comfort and support,

I agreed to be your reminder that everything will be ok and we’ll be together again soon.


I’m sorry that I almost forgot these things that I promised you

I furthermore promise to never forget or doubt again

I will stand tall with your strength in my body

I will stand proud with your love in my heart

I will always and forever be your girl

silverskiez silverskiez
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11 Responses Sep 18, 2009

I wrote it for Bob in response to his visit up last weekend. I needed the reminder and figured we all could use a little one here and there and I wanted to share it with you all

:-) Thank you ladies! Yes I wrote it.... I needed to remind myself.<br />
<br />
I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

awww this is amazing! did you write it ?

Love this post...<br />
oddly enough just the reminder i needed atm lol<br />
thank you sooooo much!

I just got home from work and am catching up haha love this post. never heard this before and I freaking love it. thanks so much for sharing!

omg this is deff what i needed...thank you.

aw :)

Wow.<br />
<br />
Just wow.<br />
<br />

this is amazing!!

Aw Bless that is the best thing I have read in ages!! xx

i. love.this