Frustrating...wives-any Help/suggestions??

I'm trying to get set up on Dave's insurance through TriCare & it's ssoo frustrating! lol he gave me a number to call & all that, & I gotta go get my military id, which the closest place is Madison WI, which, well, isn't very "close" for me...& the closest Dr is also in Madison, I think...if we use the Prime coverage, but if we use Standard the closest is Harvard, IL, which is still an hour & a half we'll have to pay deductables & all this **** I couldn't follow the lady along with...idk what I'm asking here...just maybe if anyone has any suggestions to do this an easier way than over the phone?? especially with Dave being stationed 2,000 miles away from me?? & did anyone else have this much trouble? I mean..I go to the doctor at least twice a month cuz of all the crap I have goin on...soo it's gonna suck if I have to go to Madison or Harvard every time I need to go.... =/

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yeah its really not fun. lol especially when Dave is 2,000 miles away! lol

Aw man. I'm going to get my tricare set up and military ID next month when I'm in Cali. I can't wait to find out how far away the nearest approved provider is from where I live...blah. <br />
I haven't been looking forward to switching my health insurance...and now I'm really not.