Josh is now 8 months old, he is army crawling, sitting up for long periods of time without my help and he loves it, He still doesnt really say momma, its dada and riah (my sister) so I guess you can figure out who his favorite is lol, he's been such a happy baby that im starting to wonder whats wrong lol he is never this happy.

We are not going to the ball, I find it to be boring and so does Robert, Im not gonna go spend money on a dress so I can be surrounded by a bunch of people that I dont really care that much for (the people in roberts shop are annoying and pretty much either ******** or drama *******) so no ball for us, even though this is the last year he will be in, we just both arent really that down for going, once youve been to one its not all that bad to not go again, although robert will have to go for the ceremony and then will be able to come home.

We werent gonna take anymore leave so we could either take terminal leave next year buuut robs mom called and she wants to move outta her rental, well we are buying a house next year and she wanted to know that if we were ok with this if we took leave and went back early and got a house (We already have a list of 10 houses that we are gonna look at) and start the paper work on the one we will get, then she will move in there and pay the morgage till we get back to arkansas for good then she will move out, I see no problem with that! that means we will deff have a house when we get back to Arkansas next june, which led us to we are not gonna take terminal we are just gonna sell the leave back and make more money that way, because apparently you dont get BAH during terminal just base pay so screw that, our lease ends in April so we will just stay with my sister since her husband is Deploying to Afghanistan in April, we will pay her half the rent and make more money doing that lol. We have 8 months and 21 days still his EAS date, I CANT WAIT!!! Im so tired of san diego, I miss the small town life lol.

The air show is coming up at Miramar, I am NOT going, the jets are to loud for joshs ears and even if i had a baby sitter I would not go, there will be to many people there!! Rob has to work all that weekend though, one bad thing about dating a MP, they have to work stupid **** like this, and he will be working 12+ hours on his birthday which is that weekend, **** the air show lol.


Josh is sitting here yelling at me so I gotta get off here :)

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ya we have been looking at houses for a while now just have to narrow it down to like the ones we really like then we will fly out there to look and make our decision and start the paper work, ugh I wish we could take like a month of leave lol

i cant belive hes already 8 months! wow time has gone by soo fast!!! <br />
<br />
i know what you mean about the house thing... phil and i are buying a house, its going to be such a rushed process. hes going to look when he gets back in november and then wants me to move in january.