he really is gay!!! lmaoo omg she deleted her whole story ? I wonder if that was part of the puppet masters plan ... lmfaoooooo


omg its freaking hilarious ........

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It may keep your prof interested but I doubt it'll score you an 'A'.

HAHAHAH i do the same thing with thomas! i call his roomate his other girlfriend! lol

I call my husbands roommate his second wife! hah. The Corps is his first wife, I'm his second, and his roommate is his third.

hahaha ammy!! thats sooo true i call chris bestfriends whom i am very close with his bf's lol they call eachother baby and hun and sweetie but it all good fun...

"she only said that because you dont call someone bf gay"MY BOYFRIEND CALLS HIMSELF GAY. All the ******* time. He makes jokes about "It's not gay if it's in Iraq" and our good friend Jason and he act like they are flirting a lot. If someone came into one of our conversations, they'd probably think we were some weird threeway relationship. But I know he's straight as a ruler... so if other people say **** like that I laugh in their faces.Like I said before. If it doesn't ring true, it shouldn't hurt.

haha they left out fiance's too.

im over there messing with them, lmboo theyre so cute ....

Their new group- "I am a Marine Wife and Girlfriend"<br />
I'm pretty sure once I became a Marine wife, I was no longer anyones girlfriend. hmm?

**** gay as in happy *****!!!!!<br />
lol ugh so annoying and wtf they started a **** filled group????<br />
<br />
oh heck no!!!!

omggggg. you're getting your panties in a wad because we said her boyfriend (who we understand is a MARINE) was gay?????<br />
<br />
it shouldn't bother her if she knows her boyfriend's straight.<br />
<br />
i remember someone said that about thomas on this site and i was just like "hahaha okay, that's nice"<br />
<br />
because i KNOW my man is not anywhere near gay, and i wouldn't have to prove that to someone!<br />
<br />

hun im not drunk i had a beer not drunk and audcity i didnt say anything about being sorry that was dani so dont come in to somethign and assume it was me :)

***** im not crying at all... and she only said that because you dont call someone bf gay clearly if they are with a women they are not gay.. and i am leaving when i want to. and audrey i am over that night and i honest thought you where to. and i said he wasnts a marine yet yes but didnt say you didnt belong on the site and if this site was for anyone (thatbitchkilla) it would say ANYONES GIRLFRIEND WIFES OR FIANCES soo **** off

Since this is where she likes to hang out while she drinks maybe we should treat it like a bar. This bar closes at 12:30am (eastern time). Time to hit the streets and take your drinking elsewhere hunny.

wait, where ... give me a link?

yes girl, shes drunk again ... shes like its ok if i wanna drink, i can drink if i want to .... i kinda feel bad for her...

we gotta cut amber winehouse some slack, once she sobers up she will remember where the exit is ...

and thats what they all get for messing with my audrey!!!<br />
<br />
lame cry baby ******* ....

you want to talk about respect?????? <br />
tell you friend a little something about respect.<br />
<br />
LIKE, saying that she wished her man didn't fight for girls like us? that is NOT respecting his job. there are going to be many people she may or may not like, and he fights for all of them. damn.

haha. Wait, I thought you were leaving too?

lmao ***** *******!!!!<br />
<br />
gosh it took them a while to leave us the **** alone

blah blah blah .. tell it your beer .. we dont care ... its almost midnight, will you disappear then?

umm no its not. funny ok you who use to be a marine girlfriend should at least show some respect for our men. sorry that you dont know what that means but you should and i think its sad u use to be a marine s/o

<br />
she couldn't handle it, but yet she was telling you that you met your match... meaning her.<br />
<br />
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA WHAT THE FUCKKK??? i am seriously laughing my *** off. damn what a dumbass.

lmaooooooo<br />
<br />
and she thought she was my match<br />
<br />