So Im Here..

Just got back from school. waiting for sergio's sister to text me back. while i think she's not.. because she is seeing sergio go his marine training. because today is family day.. she text mee saying that she saw  him this morning and he smiled soo hugee. so all day. that image of him smiling has been in my head. tomorrow is his graduation. i could not go  :( he comes back to conroe on saturday. hopefully i get to see him. on saturday. because it turns out his dad is taking him to Mexico to see his grandmother untill tuesday. and he is leaving Saturday night. (the same day he returns) so... ugh. i dont even know when to expect him home.. or if were even going to get any alone time. because i know his family comes first and omg he has a HUGEE family. so. yeah he'll be visiting them first. so yep. i'll be last on the list like always. but im okay with that. lol 

So i talked to a USMC recruiter and i kinda told him that i was interested in enlisting and well. for him of cource its a good thing cuz more $$$$$$$$$$$ for him..!!! lol

How are you ladies doing?!

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hahaha thanks! :) butt shhss. <br />
lol i dnt want sergio to knoww.. :/ yet... ill tell him when im ready.

I know what you mean about joining! I'm in the same situation but your actually a step farther than me. I haven't got a chance to talk to a recruiter yet. And I'm also pretty nervous about bringing it up to my boyfriend but at least you took the initial step and are talking to a recruiter! I'm happy to hear that!

yeah i know. what your talking about.but idk. i have that feeling he wont take me seriously. idk.

ha. I had a feeling he didn't know.<br />
I used to pick on my husband, saying that I was going to join. My bestfriend is leaving for boot in Oct, so there were a few time I was pretty believable. He's told me since he got out of bootcamp that there was no way he'd want me to join. He knew I was never really serious about it though, so it was okay. I'm sure if he knew that you were serious about it he would support you in this hun.<br />
Good Luck :)

I'm pretty sure thats a big detail haha !

BLAH! no!!!! lol. i would be scared too teeel himm!!!

Cool! Does he know your interested in joining?

Thats good, its nice to hear you want to enlist.<br />
I couldn't imagine that, my schedule would have no Cody time and i have enough of that as it is.<br />
<br />
:] Its okay, I'm sure he will make time to see you