He Leaves Soon

i have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years we are high school sweet hearts.. i love him more than anything. he leaves for boot camp january 4tth of this year i dont know what i am going to do i hate for him to even leave to go anywhere i dont know what do.. i dont know how im going to take it while he is gone im so scard

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thanks everyone i just got a new job so im starting to stay a lil bussy... i spend as much time with him as i can. thanks for all the advice im going to need more once he leaves lol

WELL ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD FIRST OF ALL second of all he will be safe and third itll hopefully make your relationship stronger! <br />
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its just boot camp and trust me once you go see him at graduation you will be so god damn proud of him :) <br />
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my name is lupe

hey girl, i didn't know my man when he went through boot, but we ARE experiencing our first deployment together. my advise for you is to keep busy and positive and you'll be fiiiine :) it will be hard at first, but it gets better in time... <br />
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btw, my name is kirsten. i'm 19, and thomas is 21. welcomeee.

he left 2 months before our 2 years and now we are getting engaged in december and hopeflly married in December! Just know that when you are the girlfriend/fiancee/wife of a Marine, You're life changes completely! mine has and i'm so happy it has :] lways think positive darlin'.

Hi, I'm Amanda. My boyfriend Page left almost 2 weeks ago. Also he left 3 months early!! :( I'm always here, its hard the first week or so, but pick up a new hobby, spend time with his family nd write everyday! i got a letter 9 days after he left and it made me feel soo much better! i read it everynight, that is until the next one. everyone deals with bootcamp and deployments in a different way. But just know that i am ALWAYS here if you ever need to talk! :]<br />

my husband and i are high school sweethearts as well. we were together about a year and ahalf before he left for bootcamp. i'm not gunna lie, its hard because youre use to having him around all the time but now hes gunna be busy and things are going to have to become before you at time. its a hard pill to swollow at first but over time ull get the hang of everthing. i mean look at me lol i'm married now[=<br />
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message me if u need anything