Nothing to Do With the Mc

but it's just a funny little story.

SO, friday night i went out with my friend courtney... we actually ended up getting back home around 6am the next morning. buuuut, before we went home we got something to eat with some friends at corams (corams is exactly like a waffle house, only it's a local place.)... it was courtney, sarah, katherine and i.

wellllll this weird guy about our age walks up to our table out of nowhere- i didn't even see him come in; and he looked at sarah and says "HEY sarah!" she's like "ummm hi?" and the conversation goes like this:

GUY: I remember you from the party last weekend!

SARAH: Ohhh *chuckles nervously*

GUY: So you're going camping with us, awesome!

SARAH: What are you talking about???

GUY: Sarah, you PROMISED me that you would go camping with me and some other people today.

SARAH: ummm I seriously think you've got the wrong person, I don't know you!

GUY: Wellllllll vodka will do that to ya!!

SARAH: wtf I wasn't even drunk that night...

*akward silence.* guy starts to kind of walk away but then stops and says...

GUY: so, I see you've got the heavenly hash! (something they serve there.)

*still akward silence*

GUY: okayyy well, we leave in THREE hours, okay???!

*points to her, and walks away to the bar*

hahhaha, and then one of our guy friends walked in and we told him about it. so he decides to be an *** and walks up to the kid and starts talking to him, comes back and sits with us, then tells us that the guy invited him camping as well, he said they were going to "go into the woods and eat MUSHROOMS, BYOB... and RV!!" hahaha, this kid was so wierddddd!!!

but I guess one of the main reasons it's so funny to me, is because it's now like a HUGE inside joke between all of us. we're like "sooo, i see you've got the heavenly hash!" hahaha. it was great.

and you'd probably have to be there in person to really think it was as funny as i thought lol. so sorry. i just felt like sharing. hope you all are doing wonderful! :)

LuckyBohne LuckyBohne
18-21, F
Oct 4, 2009