My Replies... my last didnt know i=how many stories are in between my last one and the one i am posting now so im posting my replies to the last one here;-) makes sense in my mind at least...maybe;-)


Lupe: lol.....GEEEETTTT SOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!;-) you just take it easy on yourself hun! you'll see him soon enough just dont strain yourself too much! lol...have you ever figured out Hunter's middle name yet? lol...hope its a good one! what about hunter brian? lol...I love you girl!

Lexy: LMAO @ dumb hoe!;-) souds like she was but reading it from you is hilarious!! need to text me and lemme know the dates for november so i can block those dates on my calendar so i make sure i dont schedule something less girl!

Caitlin: you're so amazing! Fo Realiez!;-) in the same boat as you about the job thing and school too!! wierd wishes on the job hunt! fricken cali crisis sux man!;-) lol...

Leah: thanks for everything! glad to hear justin is gonna be with you soon! hope you enjoy the time you get together!!;-) *winky*winky*;-) LMAO jkjk...

Soph: i just read your story from a month ago...(i know im way late)...OMG im getting a motorcycle too! i have always wanted a harley ever since i was like 5, but im gonna save that for my midlife crisis gonna get a crotch rocket for now instead...just cuz its more want a sexy neon green Ninja 660, the older version...or if not that a nice bright red Honda CBR 600!! WHOO!! got me all excited thinkin bout it;-) lol...jkjk...but thanks for your help on this and your support!


update on me would be....mmmm nothin much...its almost halloween and i am so ready to get schmammered!!!;-) what can i say other than "when life gives me limes, i do tequilla shots!!"...its my own philosophy of life! probably a bad one but im only young once...i have the rest of my life to act and be lets party for now!;-)

hmmm no job still til i move...still no school til i going crazy here at home though...i feel like im on house arrest like in the movie Disturbia...but im missing the twinkie hat! LMAO;-)...uh so if you guys dont know what i mean by that lemme sum it up for since i have no car i cant go out anywhere unless i big deal right...except there is still nothing to do...the only link i have to my friends here is through my sis who drives me with her to hang out with them...well my sister and her bf are always going out on double dates every night and so i havent had a way to go see my friends...i literally havent seen the outside of my house in about 19 weeks...minus a few nights speckled here and there...i go to the grocery store with my mom and i go outside to get the mail...oh and i went to the bank with my mom today to cash a life is BORING! thats why im so excited for halloween for when i take the train and visit my old college friends and get hammered...they celebrate the 5 days of halloween;-) thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday! Whoop Whoop!!;-)

otherwise im good! i love life and im happy with who i am today1 in an extra good mood today and i dont know why...its wierd but i like it! lol...hope everyone is having a wonderful night and wake up having a wonderful day tomorrow!!

Love Y'all!


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hahaha omg im just like youuu!! except i have a car [[no liscence tho loooonnnggg story!]] and no one to see anyways hahaha unless i drive to all alone in santa monica and i never leave the house hahaha school doesnt start til jan and im trying my darndest to get a job!! lol im going to SD tho for halloween and i wanna just drink my life away [[prolly wont but i know i could use at least a few beers!!]] anywho i miss you girlie!! dont hesitate to call or text!! love you!!

hahaha... you crack me up!!! and i have never heard anyone else actually say Schmammered... lol and i totally understand the randomly good mood thing.... happens all the time. <br />
<br />
buttttt i cannot relate to the house arrest part. ill totally be willing to share and we can finda common middle. ill stay home morre and you can get out more... haha. you should def text me sometime. 8) THAT WOULD BE AWESOME HA. <br />
<br />