I Know I'm Not Perfect And I Don't Live To Be But Before You Start Pointing Fingers, Make Sure Your Hands Are Clean. -bob Marley


Whats shakin? Whats new? I want comments with updates!

I'm good I guess aside from the nausea, headaches, and just feeling icky all the dang time. Classes are getting stressful... midterms were last week... studied my behind off and didn't do so hot, that always feels amazing. Better luck next time? Who knows. No letters from jon recently. The last letter I received was shortly after our phone call and he informed me that he wanted to name our kid... prudence if its a girl or jude if its a boy... lets just say he's a big beatles fan! I kindly wrote him back and told him I would consider it butttttt... probaly shouldn't be naming our baby after the freaking beatles =] HAHAHA. He really is somethin else! Other than that, really nothing new. 33 more days until I fly to San Diego to see him though!

My belly is starting to grow. I'm almost exactly 3 months along and done with my first trimester. Time is just flying by, let me tell you! Recently I had some 16 year old on myspace try and tell me I was a s*** and that there's no way I was going to be able to take care of a baby, etc, etc etc... and sadly this is NOT the first person who has "tried to make me understand," or "is just being honest." I put every single one of them in there place.

1.) I am in NO way, shape, or form a ****. Lets see here... I have been with ONE guy that I love with my entire heart and soul for the past 4 years or so. There isn't one slutty thing about that situation and if you think there is then something is seriously wrong with you.

2.) YES I'm young... I think we have established this but I'm more mature than half of the people you will meet my age and I'm definately more mature than some little 16 year old trying to tell me how to live my life.

3.) I'm going to do EVERYTHING for my baby and more... and Jon is a whole other story... I can't imagine sharing this with anyone else. He is going to be the best daddy, I KNOW THIS. I was raised with 8 other brothers and sisters and I am close to the oldest one. Being a "mother figure" comes natural to me and when it's my own baby... you better beleive it will just come THAT more natural. I know what I'm doing and so does Jon.

4.) I'm not throwing my future away... I am a full time student and I will be a full time student throughout my entire pregnancy and years after until I get my degree. I have a job and I work my *** off. I'm VERY close to my family, I tell them everything and they have no problem showing me love and support through the entire situation. Were they happy at first? NO of course not. But they are dealing with it and they are dealing with it damn well. I have friends, I still go out with them. Do I go to parties? No. There is smoke and alcohol... two things I can't have and don't want at the moment... but YES I have friends and they are also there for me because thats what friends do =] And am I religious? You bet I am. I don't go to church every sunday because in my opinion, that doesn't validate you as being "religious" or a "good christian." Staying true to your beleifs and morals and keeping faith a strong aspect in your life is quote on quote "being a good christian."

So needless to say I'm starting to think people are backing off and taking the effing hint. Don't mess with me, my hormones are going crazy and I strongly beleive this is a miracle. I'm going to enjoy it and not worry about what ******** have to say about it. That's just my 2 cents on that =]

Okay so maybe I was venting a little... sorry girlies! But was I out of line? Be honest.



BOY: Wyatt, Brayden, Isiah pronounced I say uh, Noah, Keagan (jon and I both love this one.)

Girl: Malia, Makenna, Kesley not kelsey.

What do you think, any ideas? Let me know!

God Bless Ladies,



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Hi, I accidentally stumbled upon this site while searching Bob Marley's quote: "I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean."<br />
I read your weblog which captivated me, warmed my heart and made me really feel like leaving a comment. :)<br />
<br />
Yes you may be young (it might of came out a tiny bit in your writing... xD), but as long as you love your baby, and it's obvious that you do, that's all that counts! Your passion, wholeheartedness and ethics are so admirable and strong, your baby will be very lucky to have such a deep and devoted mother. <br />
<br />
Your baby also has an affectionate father which is more than what some other families have. Don't be concerned about how often your child will have to spend with the father, as long as she/he knows that it's loved and cherished by daddy, she/he will be enthralled to be in a family with so much love. ^_^<br />
<br />
It's great that you're studying full-time! Your baby will still be young when you get your degree and the career that comes with it will give your baby an even better upbringing (I guess just from a financial aspect). But what's more important than that, and probably what's most important is the fact that you're such a maternal and devout mother. It is that very dedication which will give your child the best environment growing up. There is nothing more important and you should really know how special you are for being so caring, conscientious and honourable. It's a very rare combination.<br />
<br />
Those little girls calling you names, especially words like **** when you've only slept with one person in the last 4 years is just plain ignorant, inane and insanely dimwitted. It's probably because they're threatened and/or scared by you. Most likely due to the fact that young mothers are a new concept to them and they're not educated or intelligent enough to know how to deal with it respectfully and normally. <br />
Honestly, I don't see the big deal. Being a mother is the same despite labels such as age, education, social-economic background, sexual orientation etc.. They're probably also jealous of you, as you have found love with a wonderful partner and soon with a magnificent child, and they're probably still behaving in petty and degenerate behaviours just to get basic male attention. Sad...<br />
<br />
Stay strong girl, you're a idol to other young mothers everywhere. God never gives us any situation which he doesn't already know that we can conquer. Whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, and although you're already very strong, we are all still constantly learning world experience. God bless you and your pure soul, if only there were more mothers like you.<br />
<br />
Sincerely,<br />
<br />
Lisa Fok <br />
(23 year old psychology student)

aw sweetie dont worry what other people say.!!<br />
you will be a great mom.!!! <br />
Congrats on having a baby.!!<br />
keep yourself busy and your marine will be home in no time.!!<br />
Im Tiffany im 18 and my fiance name is Tanner he is 19.!!!<br />
Im here if you ever want to talk.! =)

congratulationas on your baby i am excatly five months now and very round lol.. Im 23 this is my 2nd baby my daughter is 5 turning 6 in a few months! Dont let anyone tell you anything about having a baby to young and being a **** because it is NOT true at all!!! I was 17 when i got pregnant and i know how you feel but 6 yrs later and i married to the same man and we are a family.. I am happy for you.. I just found out im having a girl :) i bet you cant wait to find out either.. i really like the name brayden for a boy its very cute..We have decided to name our daugther ashley marie

hey girl.... i know ppl can be so effin stupid. haha. keep your head up. idk you but i would love to get to know you haha. and be a proud mommy and student and dont let ppl tell you ****. my friend is a full time student just had her baby last sunday, and is going back to class monday. is it hard for her. yes. is she proud to do it yes. and she is doing it alone. her husband just went to prison for 10 years. for things he did before they were married. i know its not exactly the same as a deployment but shes still alone, and its not her fault or the baby's so im happy to help her out ya know. <br />
<br />
i LOVE Keagan Isiah. haha. that sounded cool to me. <br />
and Kesley Malia haha i love those! <br />
<br />
<br />
update on me. Havent talked to roman for 24 days. sucks haha Workin constantly. Recently helped with raising money... breast cancer awareness month and all. haha.

I love all the names you have picked out when my husband gets home for r&r we are going to TTC im so excited we picked names if its a girl her name will be Anabella Marie (Ana, Belle, or bella for short :)) and our boys name is Brody LaVey :) i deffinutly like Kesley :) and Keagan. and Congrats on the baby and good luck with the road ahead it will fly by :) <br />

haha Ben and I decided wayyyyyy back like our first date we would name a boy jude (we watched across the universe!) not knowing at the time that we would be married and it would be OUR baby we would name Jude! and Im holdin on to that name til were ready for babies, we're ready now but I dont want to have to explain to my child sorry your daddy's not here all the time hes off takin care of bad guys! So unless it happens by accident were holdin off til hes out in 3 years so Im giving it 5 years so we can get back to the east coast and be close to family.....just my personal little plan but if a little miricle happened to be created we would be over joyed!....<br />
Dont listen to stupid 16 yr old girls they think they know everything, my own sister is 16 and shes very mature for her age and you would swear we were both 19 but alot of her friends are off the deep end of immaturity....<br />
Congrats on your little miracle...keep us updated =-]<br />

sometimes people are narrow-minded and stupid. good thing we girls are strong enough to ignore them until they go away! lol. <br />
<br />
and congrats on being a whole 1/3 of the way through your pregnancy!!! thats so exciting. :)<br />
<br />
umm nothing is really new with me. lucas is doing some training thing off ship right now. and of course he deploys, isnt even in combat but is training on ship, and whacks his knee and has to get stitches. boys...lol. I should be able to talk to him again in a little over a week so i'm excited :) other than that...im desperately looking for a job with no luck. haha. <br />
<br />
p.s. i really like the name noah.