Marine To Plead Guilty In Fake Heroism Case

Hey girls read this article and tell me what you think. He did it all for the fame and recognition. There are so many wounded war vets who don't get the recognition they deserve while this guy went around lying that he was injured, instead he was living it up in "Oki"

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5 Responses Oct 19, 2009

HAH DOUCHE BAG. He deserves to be court marshaled... heck he deserves the brig.

so many men have it and it goes undocumanted and untreated and it ruins families and relationships and this guy has the audacity to claim he has it just bc??? i dont understand. chris feels like the last time he came home with slight PTSD and is fearful of himself that he wont be okay when he gets home. that is a scary reality and to have someone fake that is disrespectful

What ****** me off is that he faked PTSD when there are so many of our men who have it but are misdiagnosed and just swept under the mat, ultimately destorying their lives and families. Seems to be that he couldnt even handle being a marine because this wasvery immature and he did all of this just to get discharged early.

this guy is so disrespectful. I can not believe this story!!! I am in total shock.

woowwww this blows my mind!!! <br />
i cant believe some guy would have the balls to do that! thats so disrespectful to all those actually wounded in really disgusted at this story to be honest.