Hypocrite Much?

So you ladies know me, you know I like knowing what I'm dealing with. Check out this story posted by our good buddy Archie yesterday.......

"W e should all be given the freedom of expressing ourselves in this site. Its the beauty of it because no fists or slaps can be thrown at people who are offended yet, because the world is full of judgemental people. Ignorance breeds fear, so no wonder when someone or something new is introduced in EP that people don't like, they attack it, resulting in retaliation from the other party and thus, a war is started until one gets banned or a question gets flagged. Why can't people just get along? Its a frikkin site, not your house. So stop bringing drama and just approach something without an ounce of negativity. Some people just want to express themselves."

Maybe you should take your own advice???


Caligirl125 Caligirl125
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12 Responses Oct 27, 2009

thank you.<br />
it's fine.<br />
i just hate it when creeps like that just ruin things for no reason.<br />
but you can send me the pics now..<br />
i can go ahead and save them to my cp.<br />
so i will have them when i can get back to it.<br />
<br />
<br />
thank you, so much.<br />
i really appreciate it.<br />
so much.

yep total douche....I think we should ignore him if he pops up again. I'm sorry your story got ruined and taken completely off track. Let me know when things calm down. I will send u some pics. That is an awesome idea. My name is Tracy, and I am serious when I say I will be here for you no matter what you need. I know what it's like to try to be the strong one for grieving family members. Hang in there love, we are here for you.

what a douche.<br />
he def. should take his own advice.

lol wowwwwzers.

Wow yeah what a hypocrite!

hahahaha. such a doucher.

hhhahahahahaha whatta douche.

Yeah that is the part that cracked me up the most Kali.....it's like finally the truth comes out. You wanted to be a Marine and they wouldn't take you....but you aren't bitter at all right.....yeahhhhhhhhh right.....

I love how hes all .. oh, yea i did try to get in the marines and could .. but im not mad about that .. yea right dude ...

Afghanistan!!! send him to Afghanistan!!! lol

what a moron really he needs to get a freaking life! like in Siberia or maybe even the north pole right on the tip!

So silly, Im just watchin being a creeper in the shadows tryin to get to bed! I cant sleep =-/ at least i have entertainment