Woo! And Thank You!

Well I made it thru just as you ladies told me i would again two wednesdays ago! I knew I had the strength to get thru seperations again I just had to dig back into myself and find it and now I have and now I get Ben back for 2 months til he has to go out for mojave viper in January ish so Im sure Il loose it again and have to go searching again haha. But thank you ladies soooo much for being here for me well I guess you an guess Il be off here for at least the next few days since Ben will have at least 72 hrs off Im not sure yet all I know is hes in formation now and should be home within 45 minutes probally less cause I know hes gunna be doing 120 mph on the high way being stupid like that. any way thanks again Ladies!!! I love you all


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5 Responses Oct 27, 2009

aw yay have tons of fun! i have to wait for Jan/Feb depending when his grad is. i miss him so much its crazy!

omggg<br />
i don't know if i'll be able to make it :/<br />
<br />
happy for you :)

awww yay! im 12 weeks down lol 13 (i hope) to go. im excited. :) you know we will be here in 2 months when/if you need it again.... we love you toooo!

Aww man well thats around the corner just a bit further...No I ran outta money to back a cake I dont even know where i spent 75 bucks from babysitting I had the dog eating captain crunch the past two days cause we ran outta dog food, but i figure he wants to go on a diet anyway so why make a cake Il make him a mini ice cream sundae and stick a candle on top =]

Yay! i'm so happy for you! did u bake his cake??<br />
<br />
i finally heard from tyler, his new date for coming home is the 31st.