Cards For My Girls.

so i have decided since i cant be with my hubby this holiday season and i know there are other girls out there in the same boat with me. i was already planning out sending out christmas cards and little somthing thing for my friends and family this christmas well i would really really love to send some you girls christmas cards so if you would be interested in getting somethign from me for christmas i promise i am not a CRAZY person just trying to come get you in the night ... kelly will tell you she stays over here all the time im not a creeper just someone who wants to share the love to all my girls that have helped me through so much :) so if you are interested in getting soemthing message me with your address and i will add you to my list of people im sending them to :) thanks  girls so much for all you have done for me the past couple days.

USMCwife32709 USMCwife32709
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4 Responses Nov 17, 2009

yeah ithink so to and it does suck our boys wont be here but your right with the help of everyone the girls that dont have then home will stick together :)

LOL you girls are too funny but omg this is a great idea!!!<br />
<br />
I'll send you my address and make sure you send me yours too!<br />
<br />
Sucks that our favourite boys are gone for the holidays but we will make it through!

haha i love you 2 :) its not the attic its the BONUS ROOM lol thanks for using my address to pick on our friendship lol

Hi my name is Kelly my address is *** Hidden Bay Dr.<br />
Attic door, Cedar Point NC:) I lover you!