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hey everyone. so i'm not exactly new here.. i had an account before but i deleted it and came back not too long after. but i thought i would post a little about me because most of you probably don't know me or remember me because i haven't posted or commented a lot lol

i'm kaleigh. i'm 18 and i'm in my first semester of college and i'm majoring in nursing.. i have known my marine since we were little; our moms have been friends for a long time. we started talking in april 2008 when he was home on post deployment leave, and we started officially dating in june. he deployed to iraq again february of this year and it while it was definitely EXTREMELY hard, it wasn't as bad as i had anticipated. i learned that it definitely helped to keep busy with school, work and friends. i got to go visit him when they got back and being back in his arms was definitely one of the best feelings ever! :) i just got back from vegas yesterday.. i flew out there for the marine corps ball. it was amazing! the ball was really cool.. and it was good to finally spend some time with him. i am now counting down the days until christmas when he will finally be home again!

so.. that's pretty much it about me. if you'd like to know more just message me or something! if you ever need to talk, i'm here! :)

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hey nice to meet you sam! :)<br />
<br />
and yes i had a blast, it was sooo much fun! and it was nice to finally spend some time just the 2 of us since we don't get that often. it was at the hilton and yes we definitely went out and explored haha. and i do have pictures and i will try to get a couple of them up soon! i've just been sick and haven't bothered to put any up yet lol

Hey i'm Sam i'm 27 and Jasons my boyfriend he's 28 we've been going out for nearly three years and he's in boot camp so it's all pretty new for me i'm in Hawaii and have no idea where Jas will be i'm sure we'll find out soon though. you sound like a really nice person welcome back.

hey nice to meet you too! i actually go by whatever people call me really haha but it is usually kaleigh, sometimes kay. i forgot to mention i live in indiana, and that he is 21 and stationed in 29 palms!

hey girl nice to meet you, do you go by Kay? my name's Leah, my marine is Justin.. he's 25 n I'm 20. I go to school too I want a biology major at the end of it all. I live in ohio and J is in nc for now