Help.. :(

So.. i need adivise.. :(

as you all know sergio and me broke up about 3 weeks ago,, eversince that.. everything is bad. :(

i love him to death.. he knows it.. but one day i asked him if he loved me the same way..he said he dint know.. that some feelings have gone away. he said when we're not talking he doesent  even think about me. and when were not talking its like his feelings for me go away..that he doesent "feel it".. and then he's like when i talk to you i feel it,.the he goes of to say he doesent want to hurt me ever again.. :( then i asked if he wanted to be with me and he said  yes. forever and ever. he wanted me to be in his future he wanted my kids to be his kids..

im so confused :(

i feel like im his *****. :( like im just here to make him feel better.. :( ..

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well...idk..i really just hope its just a temporary "stage"

Man, I know that feeling. Sometimes my boyfriend sounds so distant even when I'm crying. I know he really cares, but he has a hard time of showing it. Do you think that's what this is or not? If he said he doesn't care when ya'll aren't talking and you can't talk all the time, when will he care? That's tough, because you sound like you really love him. P.S. I'm Frankie and I'm kinda new to the site. I hope you can be strong enough to make the right decision.

I know you love him, but I'm sure there's better out there for you. I left my ex who I loved like crazy and 6 months later I found my now fiance who i love like more than crazy lol :D

oh my god, distracted or not--**** that ****. I'd leave him in a heartbeat... That's just how I am though.. If you can't love me with your whole heart and if you don't think about me like crazy then screw you. Must not be meant to be... It sounds to me that he likes the idea of being married and having kids more than he likes to idea of sharing his life with you.

hey hun. Trey went through this stage when he first got to japan a couple years ago when he was like "im not sure i can say i love you anymore" and we took a break and still talked and well he then said a totally different time .."I want to marry u i can see myseld marrying you...but i dont want to hurt you so i cant talk to you anymore" its a marine thing they have to try and push you away i dont know why. so just hang in there hun and everything will work out like it should! im here if you need to talk me and trey had many ups and downs during him getting stationed in japan!

if he can't love you and still "feel" it while he's away, why would you want him when you're together? it sounds like he's treating you as an after thought. you don't deserve that. <br />
<br />
idk how to truly help you because idk the ins and outs of your relationship, but I do know having self worth is important. he should build you up and make you feel beautiful and wanted, not tear you down.

Sorry forgot to add we got back together... eversince that.. everything is bad. :(