sooo.... Ive been popping in and out of this site tryin to stay up to date with you ladies but Ive been very busy with my job chasing 2 yr olds 6 hrs a day so by the end of the night when I can be with my hubby were both so tired from work we just bum around and hes been kinda i dont wanna say pullin away but like I kinda want the excitement back in seeing each other just a tiny dose doesnt have to be OMG i havent seen you in a month happyness but like I feel like hes distant idk I just think I need my family i need some love from other people not saying they dont love me i just miss them alllllll soooo much I am starting to consider moving back to jersey when Ben deploys in May (we finally found out he leaves may 5th!) (thank god its late spring =]  ) but its alot of work i think idk my mom plans on coming out here to cali in late march for a week with the whole fam so hopefully that works out im just really bummed out cause i want to be able to just like fly home for a few days its just such a long trip for just a day or two ughhh i want to be wit my sis I gotta start lookin into gettin my sister out here for like a 4 day weekend or somethin and work around ben being gone for a month from mid january to mid february  (seems like a lonely valientines day) I would NOT mind one bit if she came out while he was gone but he would feel left out he hasnt seen anyone since we got here in july!  ughhh ladies I just dont know what to do  I miss my fam, work stresses me out and were tryin so hard to pay off bills that I make money and its gone the next few days sucks soooooo bad. Idk i guess im just venting cause i feel like i wanna cry so bad but theres so many different reasons why i could be cryin I honestly dont know why exactly im sad grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr anyway thats bout it in Lauren and Ben land o wait yea I need to start coming up with creative ideas for our 1 year anniversary we didnt celebrate our 1 yr dating anniversary last year cause we had been married for 3 months by then and im pretty sure that trumps dating anniversary haha Im pretty broke right now like I cant go get him like new underwear for xmas (some how his have holes) and I wanna get him gym pants and some car cleaning stuff (mostly a handful of small things. Idk if any of you ladies also have cute cheap romantic anniversary ideas I would be sooo happy to hear them =]

Love ya girlies,


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it matters if you put the day he deployes because it violates OpSec and it could be dangerous to your man. we dont know whose reading these posts, its just a safety precaution =]

why does it matter the day he deploys?? idk i havent done deployment crap yet now that I have a date its freakin with my mind i think.