Prince Charming Vs Knight In Shining Armor


Hey all. Okay so my fiance and I had a somewhat profound conversation about Prince Charming and the Knight in Shining Armor. He brought it to my attention that they are entirely different people and there is a great distinction between the two.


My fiance declares he is a knight in shining armor.  Like the rest of you, I date a marine and for those who don't know I am suffering painfully through my first deployment lol jk, its not so bad, but agh it's not over yet. Anways, back to the point by these standards I am seperating a knight in shiining armor and Prince Charming


A Knight In Shining Armor is to be highly into sports (fencing/football whatever lol), working out, naturally handsome in a rugged way (think Spartans) and into taking care of his fair lady. He is extremely protective and will do whatever it takes to make sure his woman sleeps safe at night. He loves with all his heart and soul and is extremely passionate. He may not be able to think of romantic settings and gestures on cue, but he has a way of making a rainy night a special occasion without trying (wink wink).

Prince charming, on the other hand will make his woman feel like a princess. He is highly educated charismatic, amiable, well spoken very clean cut and good looking. Prince Charming has success written in his future and the sky is truly the limit. He was either raised into money or will attain money in the near future through school or through his own business. He has a great family and will make sure to continue his family's legacy at any cost. He is cultured, sweet and kind. He is extremely romantic and knows how to dance the night away or at least until the clock strikes 12.

Both are great guys but what do you think would make a woman happiest?


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Can I have a knightly Prince in shining armor? ;)

I'm in a grind; my boyfriend is both. <br />
<br />
He's special. lol..<3

NAT!!! are you back now?? hows the deployment going?<br />
<br />
i would have to say Knight in Shining Armor!!! for sure!

well the knight in shinning armor of course!! when it comes down to it, we all just want to be saved .. have yall seen that sex and the city episode??? even those powerful, successful, amazing women cant help but admit .. the **** is hot son .. were women, their men .. thats their friggin job ... of course ... its also his job to provide not just physical security, but financial as well .. and its usually prince charming that has that part down .. knight in shining armor is broke 90% of the time ...

LOL I always laugh because M calls me his princess, and I always say "I don't need a Knight in Shining Armor or Prince Charming. I have my Marine in Dress Blues...."

definitely night in shining armor

NAT! I emailed you on Facebook and you never emailed me back!

Chris is more of a knight in shining armor. <br />
I'd rather have someone rugged who loves with all his heart and soul than a pretty rich boy hahahahah.

I never thought of that! lol, interesting.<br />
knight in shining armor ftw :)<br />
except my bf is more romantic than me

well its not to say that the knight in shining armor is dumb, its just that he's not as "cultured" and well versed as prince charming....knight would laugh at someone farting prince would laugh at a political cartoon....

I think it depends on the woman....some women need to be intellectually stimulated on a higher degree

YES YES!! Night in shining Armor :)

I'm thinking most women on here will say knight in shining armor lol .... I think I am going to post this on another group to see what they say