My 2009 In A Poem

The Corporal flew in on the 4th of July.
He surprised her; made her cry.
More tears of joy were on the way,
They went for a walk on that wonderful day.

Up on Brown Hill....that was the place,
With ring in his pocket; smile on his face,
He popped the question...of course she said "yes."
She was overwhelmed with happiness.

She wanted to broadcast the news; put an ad in the paper
Oh this was a moment she wanted to savor.
On the 5th of July the Corporal flew out
His mission accomplished -- He had no doubt.

The planning began for tying the knot.
They picked a day, and they chose a spot.
She had his heart, she now has his name,
Unlike the Marines...neither is subject to change.

They made a vow, a pact, you could say,
Together they are and together they'll stay.

-Lori...(my mom)

My mom wrote this on our wedding announcement type thing...with a picture of us on the flip side. They were part of each table setting at my bridal shower (which ended up being after we got married, lol). It's 2009 in a nut shell for me though...I honestly can't remember too much before July 4th but I know that'll be a day I'll remember for a lifetime. :)

I didn't post the poem anywhere and I didn't let Brians family tell him about it because I knew he'd love it and I wanted to send it to him while he was deployed. As I predicted he loved it. He's extremely sentimental and sometimes I find it rather amusing. When he called he asked me if I had another copy of it because his buddy put it in a box and bent the corner! Hah, oh my! How dare he!
I love my husband so much and am ready for it be June! :)

Happy New Years girls!
It's finally 2010, time is moving!

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5 Responses Jan 1, 2010

Aww super cute!! love love it... and the months will roll by and he will be here before you know it!

OMG that is the cutest poem. June will be here before you know it. =)

Aw bless, that is super sweet. x x

awww i love this!!!

omg thats soooo cute & such a good poem =]<br />
<br />
yay for june!