I came home and right before i checked the mail i prayed like crazyy that I would find a letter in the mail, and thankfully i did!! =], but the sad part is that they were the last two letters that I will receive from my Bf, he said that last Friday was the last day that they were goin to be able to send me any letters "/ ., it sucks =[, but only 10 days left till i get to see him! =]


I cant wait!!!!

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3 Responses Jan 11, 2010

Aw congrats girl!! that's so awesome i agree with Audrey its crap but the minute you hear his voice its like you the last ten days didnt even happen. hang in there it'll be alright!!

ohh okay. my boyfriends in the army bootcamp. he still has awhile left, and hopefully i get my first letter soon so i can sned the million ive already written. ahah. its probably a little diffferent than the marines but thats good to know just in case, thankss.

wait just curious but if he cant send anymore mail...are you still allowed to send it?<br />
<br />
and yayyy for getting to see him!!! :D