Day 1 Of The Crucible!

So today my Bf along with everyone else in his platton/Batallion started the Crucible about 8 hours ago!!!

I cant wait to hear about how it goes! 

Does anyone know about how true it is that the recruits get a call the Sunday after the Crucible?

Ive been hearing alot about that, and im really hoping to get one, did anyone else ever get one while their Bf was at Boot?

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2 Responses Jan 14, 2010

I didn't get a call. :[ He said he might be able to or whatever but it didn't happen. But, one of the guys in his platoon that might've been the cause.

yes they do get to call. its called liberty sunday. my sister said that if you live close enough to the base that they get a few hours and you could go visit him. its only a few hours, but i'm sure it'd be nice to see him. :)