Hope you ladies are doing wonderful and so are you men.

Ill keep it short, Im almost 4 months done and 3 more to go!!!!! this month has been going by soo fast. I got to email back and forth with him yesterday because he was on duty and had nothing better to do. We talked a lot of things about the future and what he wants to do when he gets home yada yada yada. I told him what was going on with me because the last couple of times we talked i guess i sound different. I could be because i live in a S*** hole of a town full of leaches and it was the worst idea moving here lol but anyways we both decided it would be best for us if i moved back to oceanside. I was soo happy to hear he was gonna move me back... then i was like when? hes like how about next month i was like ARE YOU SERIOUS! so yes ladies ill be moving back home in a few weeks im soo excited!! Plus ive been hearing rumors that he might come home early i know its just rumors but a girl can dream ya know... 

I start school again next monday which is exciting! then i have a few interviews lined up for jobs so everything is going great! i go back not this weekend but next and hopefully will have a place ready! Im soo excited so any of you ladies that need a place to stay while your visiting your man in pendleton you can deff stay with me =)

so whats new with everyone else? 

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Amber im soo excited trey comes home in a couple of days!! id S*** myself LOL! and Thea it would be awesome if you could come and visit!! but hey if you and trav every wanna come out to Cali your more then welcome!!

aah luckyy!...I can't wait til I go to college and get outta my ****** town..couple more months for me :)

good luck on school :) and yay for moving home! im glad you got to email him. Treys coming home on r&R in less then a Week YAY i cant wait thats about it! hope you are good!