Im Excited =]

i talkd to Aaron last night and he straight up told me that when i go see him "in paradise" that we are gonna fix everything out. we have workd sum of our issues out over the phone but its not the same. i just bookd my flight and im suppper excited. =]

on my lil sidebar on my laptop i have a count such a dork.

this will be the best v-day ever.


hope yall are doing well, same with your man.

Semper Fi ash


ohh another funny thing..he was flirting w this chic just messn around and she staright up said she loved him and she was the one for him and she would do anything for him and all that crap, he laughd his *** off and then txtd me hunny another one bites the dust..and i was lik what and he said that chic jen she just wantd me so i told her off.

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Jan 18, 2010