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Hi!!! :) My name is Olivia and my boyfriend Coleman is leaving in a couple of weeks for Marine boot camp. When we first started dating I knew he was joining the Marines, but I didn't know how hard this whole thing was going to be. I didn't know that I was going to fall this hard for him. He is my heart. I love him so much.  I am already freaking out and crying all the time  about what could happen to our relationship. I promised him from the beginning that I would stick by him and I will always hold true to that promise. I am just so scared. I started looking up things and asking questions so I might have an idea about how its going to be and I came across this website and some of you girls stories. So far I love it! All of you and your attitudes show me that there is a hope for a great future with me and my future Marine. I just really could use some good advice and help with this whole process. I want to be the best support for Coleman as I can. I know I can do it I just am so lost. 

Thank you!!


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Hey! im bridge your name showed up on my feed so maybe that meant something :) Im dating a marine too and he isnt leaving for a while but it scares the living hell out of me. I try to be strong but i have found myself crying all the time too. I think about all of the things he will be missing out on, and how lucky i am that i dont have to do what he is going to have to endure. But the thought of me having to go through college graduation and my 21st birthday alone is not my favorite thing to think about. I know im being selfish but i dont like war and how it is going to take my best friend away from me. Just thought i would stop by and say hi from good ole Nebraska ha-gross. and let you know that you can always vent to me if you sure ill need the favor myself :)

Hey i'm Sam (27) and Jason (28) is my boyfriend and we've just finished boot camp and honestly i know how you feel seriously i was right there where you are right now. the first month was the hugest adjustment for me and but the fact that i loved Jas and trusted him and nothing would change that and i knew i would stick with him through everything. hang in there and write as often as you can i wrote like three times everyday and sent my letters all at the same time and really when you start getting letters from him they pull you through just like your letters will pull him through. i actually never believed that until he told me that it always made the hugest deffrence in that day it pulled him through when he felt he couldnt anymore! then keep busy and spend as much time as you can with your friends some wont understand but really deep down some do actually get what you saying but wont peticularly understand and for those times we here. just be strong for him but also take the time to deal how you feel now!

Hey girl my boyfriend is currently going through bootcamp right now and it's hard, but it's really not as bad as when you think about it before he actually leaves. I was kinda like you and cried about it often and when the real day came for him to leave I totally broke down...but now that's he's halfway through boot I'm doing lots better and you just keep doin your own thing. I'm in college and everything so that keeps me busy and I stay in contact with his family. So, try not to make it a burden on yourself. Everything will turn out ok as long as you stay strong for him and just try not to let him know that you're going crazy about it although it happens. lol Anyway, I'm Naomi and if you want message me or anything whenever!

I'm Ashley, 19, and my Marine is Bryce, 20. I went thru boot camp with Bryce about a year ago. It was rough but everything turned out fine. =) Bryce did change a little after boot camp. He became much more confident. He always had a problem with trusting me before he left for boot camp. not because I'd done anything, just because he had no self esteem whatsoever. Now, he trusts me with his whole heart. I was so worried Bryce would be a totally different guy after bootcamp. but he was his same, amazing self.. just with some improvements in some areas! =) It'll all be fine. Msg me if you need anything or have any questions about boot camp or anything after that. =)

Hey Im Amber 18 husband 22 been together for 5 year majority he has been in the marines. hes currently deployed. we are stationed in NC... he comes home soon and i cant wait gonna tel lyou know homecomings are the best thing in the WORLD. but anyway if you ever need anything have any questions im here just message me :) good luck with everythingand stay strong and positive :)

Hey, you can get through as long as you keep a positive outlook. Know that he is safe, just training, and give yourself time to focus on you. It's actually a great opportunity to be selfish. You have all your time to do you and make money! Good luck! If you need anything, message me!<br />
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I'm currently going through the first deployment.

Hey girl, welcome to the group! I'm Shannon (24) and Michael (22) is stationed in Okinawa, Japan. He's there until late September/early October. I'm ready for his 2 year tour over there to be done with!! Message me if you need anything! :)

Hey hun. My name is Carrie (19) and my husband is Mike (21). I live in Wisconsin and he's been stationed in Okinawa for almost two years. However, that has been split up with a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan and he's currently in Korea. Boot camp is truly the first trial of your relationship. It is going to be hard, but I swear, if you guys make it through that, you can make it through pretty much anything. He is going to be different when he first comes home, but don't worry, after a bit of time being home he'll turn back into his old self :) Not too long from now, you guys are going to look back and laugh at how much you worried about this time apart, and he is going to laugh at how "hard" boot camp was to him. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard, and they all just laugh now. If you need anything, feel free to message me :) I'm home alone with my 4 month old daughter a lot, so I'm always up for a chat.

Hii I'm Renee (19) Anthony (21) is in boot at parris island graduating in march. i was freaking out when he first left but it gets easier. message me if you wanna talk =]

hi im caitlin 18 chris is 20 we are doing our second deployment and are both in cali when hes not deployed...<br />
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girl you can do this say poxitive work a lot and just write him letters...its tough no lie but its worth appreciate sooo much more then what you used to and you understand and learn a lot about the military and can do this stay positive!!<br />
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message me if you need me and if you add lexy on fb add mee too

Hi there! I'm Laura, my husband and I are stationed at Miramar. He went to boot Sept 09. For the most part guys DO change after boot... for the better! He'll stand taller, be more polite, more physically fit.... you'll be so proud when you go to his graduation. The distance, no talking, 3 months of only letter writing... it can really strengthen your relationship. It's hard, but boot is only the first step. Just try to stay positive, and definetly try to write him every day and be very encouraging, supportive and faithful.

hey!! my story is COMPLETELY like yours too! i knew my man was joining the marines and leaving for boot camp soon, but i knew what i had with him was a great thing so i decided to stay with him. i was freaking out a lot b4 he left too, like crying and stuff but i never showed him. i only did once by mistake :p. i tried looking up stuff on google, and that really helped. learn as much as you can about the marines and the lifestyle. also, google "yuku parris," and basically that forum answers every question you may have about the marine corps+ you can ask questions (here too! :).<br />
my boyfriend left for boot camp november 15th, and honestly i took it very hard. it depends on the person, but i still went to school, am still busy doing my thing, and you have to learn to be strong for him. he's going to be counting on u to get him through a lot because boot is really tough. <br />
i've wrote my bf 47 letters so far (i write down the number on all of his letters). even though he's very busy & doesn't have that much time to write, i know that all he thinks about is me and i love him and support him.<br />
this page has been TREMENDOUS in helping me through this process. I'm glad I found it because we share everything & are here for one another :). <br />
if you need anything feel free to message me!! :)<br />
oh! my name's jenny btw (17 and a senior in high school) and my bf is adam (18, boot camp parris island and grads february 12th!!)

so tell they change and act all weird when they first get back from boot camp?? && i am already dreading having to share him with his family right after he graduates. lol i know its selfish i just want him all to myself!! but i am also hoping that he will mature too. I am pretty sure that this will happen but how were your boys when they got back??

thank you to all of you!!! i feel so much better knowing i have some one who can relate to what i am going through. I feel like this is God's way of helping me calm down lol. because like i said I am freaking out! But i feel already so much better having you all to talk too!!<br />
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HI im Lauren 18 i live in Texas and Ryan 18(19 next month) he is stationed at Camp Pendleton in California MOS combat engineer he has only been in the marines for almost a year now and I wasnt with him through the beginning but we dated early in high school then once he came back from boot camp we started dating again. Just take it day by day i hear it is hard bc you can only write letters but you ARE his support, the thing that will get him through it. try to write him everyday even if he can't write you. once he gets out of boot camp i no he will get a LOT more freedom and will be able to talk to you on the phone whenever Ryan even talks to me while he is out in the field sometime. Most days i get by pretty easy i stay busy and try not to let my mind wonder but the last 2 days i have non stopped cried and been really upset but i talked to ryan last night for almost 2 hours and I feel 100% better. and just remember that you are his support and try to stay strong. whenever i took Ryan to the airport i couldnt help but cry and when i apologized he told me not to be silly it is nice knowing that i really do care about him. so dont feel like you cant cry infront of him. He is there to support you just like you are there to support him. The girls on here are GREAT and they help out so much. If you need anything at all feel free to email me. i check it everyday. good luck.