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 hey guys (: well ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years, high school sweet hearts, we broke up for a little and during that time he joined the marines :/ i love him so much and im scared as hell to lose him. im starting college this fall and it really is hard and graduate h.s. in june. he leaves 3 days after graduation. ive been really depressed and been going to counsling, this is prob one of the hardest things i have delt with in life.  hope i can become strong. thanks to all your husbands/boyfriends/family members who are over seas fighting for us!


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thanks for all your comments, reading them really helped (: idk whats wrong with me lol im an idiot. i need to realize that he will come back after boot camp, and save all this nonsense til he is deployed hahah

Hey girl. I'm Ashley, i'm 19 and Bryce is 20, almost 21. we've been dating for over 3 1/2 years now. He joined the Marines a little over a year ago. and was in boot camp for 6 months instead of 3 because of injuries. I told him that idk if i could handle him being gone, before he left. and I ended up doing double the time i originally thought I was gonna do. So I know i can handle anything now. and so can you if you try. you have to be positive. I understand its impossible to be positive 24/7. but stay as positive as you can. It'll help you soooo much. and right letters as much as possible. it really helps to write him. It helped me get all my emotions and everything out. felt good. but you still got several months before he leaves. just enjoy this time, and dont worry about the future. It'll take care of itself. if you have any questions just msg me. i'd be glad to help. =)

Hey girlie, I had the same problem when my boyfriend left for bootcamp. I got super depressed and didn't snap out of it until he came for his ten day leave and I realized "what am I DOING?" he loves me, he came home to me, just like he always will. I understand that this depressed state of mind oftentimes can't be helped and is beyond your control, but I hope I can help you more than I was able to do for myself. If you ever feel yourself getting that low, please, call or text my cell. 920.419.2223.

He is only going to be going for three months, and you know he will return. The possibility of you losing him will exist regardless of whether or not he went through recruit training. Just relax yourself, b/c it will never work with you being this needy. I am not trying to be rude at all. I apologize if I am coming off that way, but honestly, I think you need to realize that this isn't as big a deal as you think.

Hey Im Amber 18 husband 22 WE have been together for 5 years he currently in afgan about to come home for R&R cant wait if you ever need to talk im here :)