Hes Home :) And Im Awake At 4am Lol

So since treys home and tad jet lagged he woke me up at 1am then we as in me went back to sleep until he woke me up at 430..... OMG i could hae punched him in the face but yeah we already had breakfast and yeah we are starting are day early soo we will probally be in bed at 7pm tonight again lol. but anyway Im soo happy hes home. its so good after him being gone for 10 months to having him in my bed with me! soo yeah anyway i know i am just rambling but the hubs is playing with the puppies. but anyway hope all you girls are wonderful!

USMCwife32709 USMCwife32709
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5 Responses Jan 26, 2010

Soo happy for you!! enjoy every second with him!!

girl thats awesome im so happy for you!! have fun!!!!!

thanks girls. :) im enjoying it at the moment hes getting on my nerves putting things where they dont BELONG lol but i will get over it lol

aww thats great!!<br />
Im so happy for you!

Aw yay!! Have fun thats awesome enjoy it!! I'm glad he's home safetly