Mos 6694

So, I managed to talk to Isaac on the phone a few hours ago during his liberty at MCT! YAY! 

On another note, I just got word from him that his MOS will be of 6694 - Aviation Logistics. He will be going to Athens, Georgia. Has any of you girlies' Marine been through the same thing too?

If there is any information about this MOS and further details, please let me know everything :) thank you so much!

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Oh really? haha wow, I hope all's going great for you!<br />
<br />
My Marine has now changed MOS to 6223 or something, with aviation technician :)

im in the course as we speak, dont worry though we will take good care of him, the school is 7 months long by the way

He's graduating on 16th Feb, this Tuesday =D<br />
But I'm kinda worried right now.. I know his classes, and the next one is on March 8th. I really hope he goes into that one b/c if not, the next one will be in October!! I don't want him to go into that one.. it's gonna be really restless to wait 8 months just to get in for his MOS!<br />
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I have my fingers crossed :(

Awww lol!<br />
I hear ya girl! During Ramons 10 day leave i texted his recruiter to find out whether or not he had gotten know crazyy but i just had to know!<br />
Aww..i bet theyre gonna be extremely tired! Whens he grad.?

aww, thanks for acknowledging it here! hahaha. well, it's alright =]<br />
I talked to his recruiter last week :) and he managed to give me a lot of info. And have been corresponding by emails to those senior instructors of my Marine's course in Athens. Lols yes, that's how far I went to find out, hahaha!<br />
Since Isaac (my bf) doesn't even know anything much yet abt his own MOS x)<br />
He's busy MCT-ing and this week will be those 15K hikes, he says :O

Lol, I've heard about it..but nothing like how long it is or what exactly it is that they do.<br />

Wow, looks like this MOS is rare.. assuming that since no one has anything to say about it xD