Hey Everyone!

Soo, I was on EP a lil while back..but for some reasons I left the site.. anywho, my BF left last Tuesday for MCT at Camp Geiger, NC. And I was just wondering about any other girls who have been through MCT and who could give me any advice as far as letters and phone calls go.


 Thanks! :)

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hey, it wont let me message you but... please message me when you see this :)!

Awww!!! Thanks girls!!! =]<br />
Omg i knowww!!!!!!!!!! They can be sooo loud!!! But then again everyone was on the phone with their family,friends, gf...etc...lol<br />
Mlti: Aww yay! Are you going to his visitors thing? <br />
Rus92secrets: lol, I hope my bf and his plattoon dont get in trouble! Imma be one pissed gf! lol When does he grad.?

Hey! My boyfriend's in MCT now in Camp Pendleton. He'll be graduating next Tues. I talk to him every weekend.. Saturday and Sunday. It's not just an hour, sometimes they get somemore free time in between. Haha.. and yes, they are loud! Unless he goes to another place quieter :p<br />
Letters will take forever. We abandoned that idea.. since it's only for 29 days anyway =]

I was gonna give u advice and info but since ur being mature and all nvm

Yea, i could barely hear him tho, they were being so loud!<br />
But he was pissed...that dummy didnt wanna take his phone in case they took it away, then today when everyone took theirs out him and his buddie from bootcamp felt sooo dumb!!! lol

thats good, I did't know Justin when he was in MCT thats why I couldn't help

Its kool, he called me today and filled me in.

haha mature by deleting them? that makes no sense. <br />
<br />
I know nothing about MCT sorry.

And you know im really trying to be mature and ignore your comments.

you know, its not nice to delete comments!

Thanks you guys! <br />
He called me today! =]<br />
It was only for ab 10 min tho, but it was worth it!

yeah its not too bad.. but keep your phone on you during the weekends. they can only call for like 5 min. but its a relief after boot camp! only like a month! :)

my boyfriend alex left this past monday. he told me that he gets one hour every sunday to call me. training is only 28 days so theyll b done soon

thanks:)<br />
even tho he prob wont get to see all of my letters i think im gonna keep writing<br />
It really helps me out after a looong day! im hoping he'll call soon tho.

its better not to write because its going to take forever to get there and they hold the mail. he'll call you. they get liberty on the weekends well most weekends.