Finally :)

Ahh...I finally heard from Lucas today!


I just got a short little facebook message from him.  But its my first time hearing anything since the 1st of November!!

God I'm so happy. 

 Apparently he's in Africa now, and "i wouldn't even believe what hes doing.'

He said he (kinda?) got offered a new job too, so I am really curious about what that might be. 


But yay!! :D


I hope you girls are doing well today.  :)

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9 Responses Feb 7, 2010

He was there to write a story (his MOS is combat correspondent) and was there for maybe a month or so. But he will go again in the summer for some training.

i honestly dont have a clue. Hahah! <br />
<br />
He was a on a meu for a while, but apparently is off the ship now. And he said he might not be able to talk again for a while due to whatever is going on. <br />
<br />
so who knows?! <br />
<br />
what's your's there for?

ha ha I know. My boyfriend is actually going to be going to Africa again in the summer lol. What is yours there for?

haha oh wow! what a coinsidence!! now if they could just become good friends, it would be totally epic. lol.

ha ha My Marines name is Lucas too! And he was deployed to Africa in October!!

hahah yeah I was. i sat there with my mouth open for probably 5 minutes!<br />
<br />
and then i danced in my chair :)

Thats a long freakin time. Im happy for u girl! :):):)

Yup! its been three months! or I guess, It HAD been three months. <br />
<br />
yay! :)<br />
<br />
its was the longest I had really heard of anybody not hearing something during a deployment, so it is suuch a relief.

awww girl how exciting!!! hasn't it been months since you've heard from him?