Oh How We Love Our Marines...

Hellooo everybody!

Im chelsea! ive been a member here for a while but ive just read everyones stories, never posted anything. i live in cleveland, ohio and i am engaged to my marine cory. hes a lance corporal stationed in camp lejeune and he will be deployed this july... :( we've been together for 2 years now but we're not planning on getting married til he gets out but you never know how that will end up right? hahah. well, i just wanted to say hi! keep strong everyone!

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6 Responses Feb 7, 2010

awww! how adorable!!! well were already engaged... we couldnt wait any longer for that. but i want to give it more time together and so does he. youve been close with your man for 4 years shelby! were close but i want us to be absolutely sure about all of it. i do NOT want a divorce. cory wants to be a firefighter or a cop when he gets out. but thats not for another 3 years. you never know how that is gonna change...

i wouldnt doubt it! yeah we were together a year before he joined. we've talked a lot about it and its hard because i want to go to college up here... tryin to get into a medical program. but of course hes in NC soooo... yeah. ugh!

Aww :), Camp Legeune is only like 3 hours from where i am, thats where my bf is at right now.<br />
That sucks ab his deployement tho, but u never know..plans change and you two might end up getting married b4 his term ends! ;]

Hah, just play it by ear and see how it goes :)<br />
Have you guys been together since he joined?

hi elizabeth! hah and yeah im kind of wary about something like that happening to us too! after afghanistan im sure we will want to... us military fiances just cant wait, can we!? hahah.

Nice to meet you! My husband always said we were going to wait until he was out to get married...I tried to convince him otherwise and then decided that it wasn't too far off so we might as well wait. He ended up taking me by surprise and proposing and planning a vegas wedding a year early :)