Things Just Happen..

First off my marine is currently in California while I'm stuck in Maryland about 3000 miles away. =(

anyway most of you don't know this but my marine, mark has a difficult time with feelings so lately keeping the feelings of loving him from him has been hard! Tonight while texting him we were talking about the future and my heart just starting beating like it was going to come right out of my chest! I told myself just wait about 2 months and you'll probably get to see him and tell him then! But i couldn't, so i picked up the phone and called him.

I told him i cant wait any longer to tell you that i love you soo much! You have no idea mark. And his response was amazing.... he said i feel the same way i was going to wait till i saw you next to tell you in person though!! That completely made my night! =)

I'm just so very happy right now. And i just thought i would share. Hope everyone else is having a great night as well! =)

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9 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Aww, I hope things work out for you two. (:

How long have you been together? (:

this is so adorable. :)<br />
love your story

Voy a conseguir a Jason a matar tu. dejarlos solos, <br />
no queremos aqui.

i love this story:) thats how i feel too!


yayy congrats! :)

awww that was so sweet congrats

yayy!<br />
:]<br />
thats amazing! good luck with your relationship!!<br />