First Mct Call..!!!

So I got a total of 17 minutes on the phone with my Alexander around 6:40 pm this very day! Well before I received my phone call I got a text telling me he'd be calling me in the next 5 minutes and askin if I was busy... lmao AS IF!! I was all jittery like a little school girl waiting for the bell to ring dismissing us from school! I must have looked so silly but then again we've all been there havent we? We caught up and he is having lots of fun at MCT and he says 2 other guys have his same last name lol. He then asked me how I've been and, if you've been keeping up with my story, I told him about the whole incident and how I moved and everything and AS ALWAYS he was very supportive... God I love that man! Anywho.. I feel better after speaking with him. He reminded me, just like you lovely ladies, that I did the right thing by going to the police and not to feel too bad about my mother.

He then told me that as soon as he gets to MOS school he's buying me a ticket to go see him and spend a weekend with him and I'm super excited! How many of you ladies think he'll pop "the question" on our romantic missouri weekend together? lol Hmmm.... I HOPE SO!! *crosses fingers*. So if I'm thinking correctly enough I just might be engaged in less than a month :D lol that definitely turns my mood around a complete 360 degrees!! ...and if he doesn't then I'll still be sper happy because I got to see the love of my life for a short while and I'll have soaked up every second of it!! La Vita Bella ladies :]

Oh and btw I feel terrible that I didn't tell you girls sooner buuuut while Alex was down in miami before MCT he got me a christmas present... I got the words Semper Fidelis tattooed on my upper back along my shoulders in scrypt. It's so pretty I'll totally post a picture of it now in my photos for you all to see :]

OKay girls continue updating me and have marvelous weeks!


LittleDeviant LittleDeviant
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1 Response Feb 7, 2010

woot! yay for phone calls and for him being so supportive. You deffently need that right now. because u deffently did the right thing and its a good thing your somewhere safe now and Im sure hes glad that everything is now ok. good luck with everything if you ever need someone to talk to I'm always here for ya. feel free to message me. <br />
and yay for tattoos I'm getting my rose with dog tags wraped around it soon. prob the weekend of march 5th. =)<br />
keep us all updated on what happens when u vist him at MOS. tehe, =)