R&r Update

Hey Girls :)

I hope everyone is great as most of you know trey came home for R&R like jan 25thish and well its been kinda hard adjusting to him being home again and sharing my space and just doing stuff around the house bc he wants to help with everything and i have ocme acustom to doing it on my own you know? well put it this way as he was cleaning up the kitchen i almost punched him bc he was putting things in the wrong place lol. but i go over it and now we have gone back into the way everything was before he left and NOW HE LEAVING AGAIN. i know i should be use to this bc it seems to happen everytime hes home but with me possibly being preggo and also me just use to him being here its gonna be hard. i know its hes only gonna be gone until like the end of march beginning of april but it still is gonna be hard to say goodbye again. but anyway i need to get off of here since trey is getting surious why i am not paying attention to him hes like a 5 year old lol. but once he leaves i will be back and update once again. IM GONNA MISS HIM SOO SOO MUCH... and as for you that know me and him are trying to get pregnant over these past 2 weeks so i will also be able to update on the status of that :) keep your fingers crossed :)

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thanks girl all the fingers crossed would be amazing me and trey are really hopeing that i am :) and yeah know i have all of oyu to keep me sane and sometimes drive me a little more insane lol . jk. and its only a month and a half thats all i keep telling myself bc today is the last full day with him and it killed me to just get out of bed but yeah....

Im soo excited for you!! i hope your preggo ill keep my fingers crossed as well.. and you know you always have us when hes gone to keep you sane.. mitch will be here about the same time trey comes back so i got your back hun. Spend as much time as you can with him and remember its not a good bye it a see you later = ). take care

Thanks Caitlin! Yeah i know i have done so many months but saying goodbye is always hard for me but i will get through and your right he will be home before i know it and there is a good chance he will be home before our one year wedding anniversary soo that is super exciting :) and as soon as i find out i will let everyone know ill be emailing trey then posting a story :)

im glad you had a good R&R you can do it you did this many months he will be home b4 you know it!! keep your head up and let us know if you are preggers

so glad he was home hun!!!

thanks :)

hahahaha thats funnny. I hope you are that would be so exciting good luck girl!

haha ok will do lol :) and thanks girl yeah i have had my fingers crossed as well my freaking Phycic hubby is like YOUR PREGGO I CAN TELL im like ok dear lol

eeps! I've been crossing my fingers for you this whole time girl!!<br />
<br />
now go pay your man some attention that he desperately needs....lol. :)

umm i wont be able to tell for a couple days after trey leaves but as soon as i am able to i will be taking one yes :)