Starting My Countdown.

Ryan found out Friday he deploys in Sept. He WAS supposed to go in December, I started to cry because he just told me tonight. Then I realized that crying doesn't change the fact that he is deploying so I stopped and now I am going to make the best of it. I am just thankful I have a summer before he is deployed that will be great so I can fly up there during it since he is in California at Pendleton we can go to places like LEGO LAND! ahah. Disney world the SAN DIEGO ZOO!!!!! and all of the hostels is where we shall be staying at $50 a weekend, count my *** in :) and all the walks on the beach. I am not sure what i am going to do yet whenever he leaves but for now I am going to look at it as I have 7 months with him for now, I won't take it for granted and I will keep my head up ( or try too at least)

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Where will you be staying for $50 a weekend?

well can't say i'm doin a deployment, but i've always wanted to go to disney land!! i was seriously JUST thinking about that today to put it on my to-do-list of places to go with my man...except i wanna see the harry potter exhibit in florida :P.<br />
enjoy every day u can hun!!!

Hey girl im not sure you know me im amber and that is deffinutly a good way of looking at everything :) but yeah do put a number to it hun just enjoy it :)

Woohoo! Super happy for you just don't actually count down.. don't put a number to it. Enjoy him while he's here :] I'm lexi btw :]