New Old Lady-new To Marine Life

Hey ya'll!  A good friend of mine recommended this site to me. Until a year ago, I was a complete virgin to the marine way of life.

I've been reading your posts and see that we have one thing in common - we're all in love with Jarheads. But what we don't have in common is age!!!

Like my friend who recommended I come here, I'm 39 years old. Unlike her, I was married to a CIVILIAN stock broker for 15 years. We got divorced 4 years ago.

After my divorce, I had to get a  job (for the first time in my life) which scared the hell out of me. To support me and my 9 year-old daughter, I took a job with Philip Morris (yes-as in cigarettes). Anyways, my sales territory covers Jacksonville, NC.  I always hated going there. But a little over a year ago, I did something that I never thought I would do. I met and fell in love with a US Marine.

So here's my sap story. Bare with me, cuz it's long - sorry. So I was in JAX doing inventory on cancer sticks at a grocery store. While I was there at the grocery store, I figured I'd pick up a few things that I needed. My daughter was with her dad so I wasn't in a rush to get back home (I live in Wilmington), but I was in a rush to get out of JAX, so I kicked my grocery cart into high gear - racing around, putting that baby on two wheels between aisles.  All of a sudden - CRASH! Collided with another cart where I saw (almost in slow motion) a carton of eggs fly out of HIS cart and onto the floor. Egg yokes all over the place, including his boots. DA*M. So I was so embarrased - apologizing - a clerk kid came to clean up my mess (or HIS mess - why would you put a carton of eggs on top of paper towels that made them so vulnerable to falling out of the cart?) Whatever, anyways I apologized, red in the face and wanting to disappear into the store's linoleum floors. But he just kept saying, "It's okay ... no problem."  Finally, after what seemed like several minutes - but I'm sure it was just a few seconds, I made eye contact with this man whom I'd just laid a dozen eggs upon.  Lordy, Lordy - I'm not quite Forty, but I can tell you that he was the best looking hunk of stuff I'd ever laid eyes on. And, at that time, I couldn't have given 2 hoots about Marines (except for how I admired them for protecting our country, etc.) . But this man was a God - I tell you, he was tall (I'm 5-9") and he had this beautiful brown hair that was cut in a clean-cut way. A beautiful nose (I have one of those fetishes for a good nose), and milky blue eyes - the kind of eyes that you could just put on your bathing suit and swim in - you know what I mean?  And then, good gracious, he had to smile. I mean he just HAD to smile. Dimples and the whitest teeth you've ever seen. Straight as sticks (I learned later that his father was an orthodontist, which would explain that)!

Darn, I'm sure ya'll are bored to tears by now and I'm almost finished. anyways, we ended our apologies. I told the store clerk I'd pay for the smashed eggs. And I told him I'd pay to have his boots cleaned. Don't eggs stain?

But he said not to worry about the boots. He said he had more at home. Anyways, I  must add that one thing on  my list was tampons. But I decided to avoid the Feminine Hygiene aisle in case I bumped into him again. And I'm glad I made that decision, as he ended up behind me in the checkout lane. Whew! We exchanged smiles and some small talk while I was checking out, then I left.  And while I was loading my groceries into my car, he came up and asked me to go get a coffee (there's a coffee spot next door).  I don't know why because I would have NEVER dreamed of doing this, but I said "Yes." And 2 hours later (thank goodness I didn't have any perishable foods hanging out in the trunk of my car - although he did - like, the eggs), I felt like I'd known this man for years.  He was 42, divorced with 2 kids. He'd been divorced for 6 years. He'd been in MC for 19 years.

Anyways, he asked for my phone # and I went home. 3 days later, he called and asked me to dinner. He came to Wilmington and we went to dinner. He was a perfect gentleman right up to the end of our first date, where he walked me to my front door, lightly kissed me on the cheek, told me good-night, then asked if he could call me again.  Well, DUH - yeah - of course you can ya big dummy!

OK - so that's the end of that. We're still going strong.

Here's my worry.  He's pretty sure that he's going to have to go back to Afghanistan or Iraq soon. He hasn't gotten any notification of this yet, but he knows it will come soon.  And I'm scared sh*tless, girls!!!  I don't know what to do when he goes!  I'm so new at this and I know I will worry myself out of my skin if he goes over there! Here I am, this washed up 39 year old divorced woman smittened by a marine. I thought I could overcome anything after a divorce! I think I'm not such a freakin superwoman after all!

Ya'll have any advice for me?

Again, sorry for blah-blah-blah-ing along. Thanx!

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No one cares ab age but you! Deployment is hard but u have to rennet, " marine corps first you second " that's the sacrifice u make for him. Marines are some of the toughest men in the world they're so strong bc they have strong women behind them. While he's gone stay busier than usual and send lots of carepackages. Don't take your time for granted and love him the best you can! The marines motto is semper fi, that means "always faithful" remember that!

omgggg this was the most entertaining story!! lol im caitlin 19 chris is 20 and we are currently doing our second deployment! [[one to iraq ((7 months)) and now one to afghan ((13 months)) ]]] hahaha i am here if you need to talk [[haha im a good listener]] and im in cali chris is too when not in country lol :) <br />
<br />
god bless

hahahahaha. the part about the dimples made me giggle. lol.

hello there! my name is Leah (20) and Justin is my marine (25) he is an amazing man I was set up with on a blind date! I had no interest in going on this date but I gave into the guy that was dating my friend and trying to hook me and Justin up. Best desicion ever! I'm in northeast ohio and he is originally from southeast ohio :) Worked out quite nicely. Here we are a year later and he is currently in afghan. Stationed at camp lejeune when home. Thats a little about us :)<br />
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Welcome to the site! Message any of these girls or me if you need anything!!

greeem and graams - those eyes, alone, could save the world. But I failed to mention those dimples in his cheeks! I could fill them with whipped cream and dip my fingers into them and eat the contents! Sorry - but, believe me - they are yummy!

hahahahaha no prob em. thats what I'm here for The eyes part just made me be able to conect even more because pauls eyes are like pools of myestry. I feel like I could find all the worlds secreats in them. they are so blue they make you go oh god wow. and just stare at them for hours. lol. he gets it quite offten lol.

Hey your story was in no way boring and you didn't ramble at all. You are too funny. Your story actually pulled me in and I really felt everything you were explaining. I found myself laughing and everything throughout. My name is Lexi I'm 20 and my marines name is Alex 22. Age is really just a number and with your lovely age of 39 just makes you 19 years wiser than I am :]<br />
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Here's my advice take it or leave, although I highly reccomend taking it :<br />
I understand from your story that you work, and you have a child. Try to not fret too much about if and when he is leaving like all of us just enjoy the time you have with him now. When you do find out a day he'll be leaving DO NOT get consumed in the fact that he's leaving it will eat you up. Just look at it like this is the time we have now let's make the most of it. Another good idea is to get yourself a hobby (as silly as it sounds) something to destress yourself because as a marine girlfriend you are always apart of the fight and the stress can get to you as well. I recommend <br />
Yoga, or writing in a journal (never too old for some good ol' venting on paper), perhaps make a personal promise to go running everyday. You gotta make sure there's something consistent in your life to keep your mind of his leave. You gotta know the facts and be prepared for the worst. Most importantly you have to be strong for your marine. He needs to know your going to be okay or his head won't be focus when he needs to be focused the most. Keep in mind if you can survive the lengthy departures from him then your relationship will only benefit from the strength you gain out of it. The best advice of all that I can give is to come on this site religiously and tell us how you feel. Don't hold back because were all in this together. You're not alone friend. We are the best at cheering one another up. <br />
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Welcome to EP and I really hope I helped a little :]

Welcome! I really dont think age matters. and I totally know what your talking about with the eyes thing. My boyfriend has those type of eyes. I know that everyone on this site will help you as much as they can.<br />
I've never done a deployment with paul. But have done a deployment with a friend of mine but we were just friends and I was the only person he talked to because he doesnt have any family I'm the only one he considers family so I know a bit about deployments but not as a girlfriend. they're hard but as long as your strong keep yourself busy it will go by faster than you know it. good luck loverly. if you ever want to talk just message me. this is a great site all the girls on here are all willing to help. =)<br />
<br />
Ps. I'm 19 and so is the love, Paul.