Deployment Suxk..

I dont get on here much but i plan to alot more my fiance just deployed this week. Sad day:( i miss him already.. ill be getting on regularly i need the support of fellow marine wives, fiance, and girlfriends!!

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4 Responses Feb 7, 2010

my bf and i have survived our 1st month of deployment, and it's starting to get to me. so i know how you feel. just stay strong. i know there's not much to say to make you feel better but just be patient.

I am really sorry hun. If you ever need anything just email me. Stay strong,

this like unbelieveable sucks.. im tryingt o stay busy but its just not takking the feeling away. im sleeping onthe couch cuz it dont feel right to lay in my bed with out him.. its been like 3 days and he even has his phone right now and it still sucks...

Aw, I'm here if you want to talk hun! We're about half way through our second deployment...