Im ******* Done With Him....

So ladies..i am completely done with Arthur Garza....he came out to be a ******* little *******..


So as you all know we met and a week later we were at new years party and we had sex at the party....we were talking and talking and then the following day I went over his house and chilled...i got invited to another party but I couldnt go because i didnt wanna take advantage of my moms rules.. and just now my older brother told me that someone told him that arthur at that party hooked up with two other girls.

my mouth dropped when i heard this ...but lately i started noticing the "real arthur"... so it didnt surprise me that much plus I kind of stopped talking to him lately..


so I decided to end this completely so I called him right now and he didn't answer. I left him a voicemail saying to call me back because I needed to talk to him and then 15 min later he hadn't called me. So i texted him saying please man up and call me . I have something to ******* ask you.. and then i received a call from him.

He answered the phone by saying "what" and i was like are you busy and he was like no i stepped outside.. then i started to tell him about how if he remembered the party..and i asked him what he did there. and he was like nothing i think. i was like are you sure? because i heard you hooked up with 2 girls and he of course denied it ..but girlls I believe the people....arthur is serioiusly that and it makes me mad and sad because I thought ht was different but he is a player and a douche...

So then he was like so it doesnt matter cause your gonna believe still if i did it doesnt matter because we are nothing anymore..i was like arthur be realistic at that time we were something and he kept saying it was the past..

so then he started saying he had to go and I hung up on him before he finished his sentence.


I am going to forget him no matter what

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yea i know i shouldnt be easy... it was just a one moment thing...but ladies i believe arthur its just my head it turning and turning ..and i dont wanna be dumb<br />
<br />
i just need to let things cool off and really think about it<br />
<br />
i know deep inside he isnt like that .

Yea sounds to me like he got what he wanted from you, and that was it. <br />
<br />
My advice....Dont be easy, honestly guys pay attention to that, if u want something to last & be real.

yea it was a reallly silly thing to do..have sex with him...but it happened and i dont regret it lol<br />
i just dont know who to believe anymore.. he swears to me he didnt do anything<br />
and this girl called me to talk about it and she was at that party and she said that he was texting someone the whole night and left early....but idk if he was texting me that night..i cant recall.. i just dont know who to believe..the people or him

At least you realized what he was really like now rather than later!

Wait, how long have u known him b4 you had sex?? Idk if im readin this wrong..

that really sucks, but at least u found out before you got even more deeply involved. good thing u hung up on this idiot, and forget about him!! u deserve sooooo much better. Everything will be alright hun