I Believe I Should Reintroduce Myself

So I'm very in and out of this group. I use to be all in it, checking up on it everyday, but I've moved on (and not trying to be mean) but found myself outside of my Marine. Let me start from the beginning.

So Lucas and I have always known each other because our sisters are best friends. He was dating some other crazy girl, and I was dating some crazy drug dealer. At the time I didn't know he was a drug dealer, and Lucas didn't know his now ex girlfriend was crazy. Literally, that girl called rape on Lucas just because her parents found out they had sex. Anyways, they broke up around the  same time I found out that my then boyfriend was a drug dealer. My Marine and I had first started talking when we bumped in to each other at the movies and then again at iHop. Well then summer school rolls around and we are both there to advance in credits. We had the same breaks and we just started talking. Numbers were exchanged and we hung out that very day. Well feelings grew but I was still very skeptical about jumping into a relationship because I kept getting screwed over by guys. I decided to ignore my gut and start dating Lucas. That was on June 7th, 2007. (at 2:40 P.M.) A litle after a month of us dating, Lucas had decided that he was going to join the Marines. I decided I was going to wait it out, and if we were still dating, I would wait by his side. Everything was going really good up until December 16th 2007. A little after our six month anniversary. In the previous months, Lucas had decided that he was going to get all his partying out of his system and he thought he could control it. Well that night, I got a call from him that night saying that it was best if I started seeing someone else. i was lost and confused and I was not going to stop bothering him until I got an answer. He finally budged the next morning and told me he had cheated on me. I told him to lose my number and never contact me again. He tried to fight it out with me for me to just listen to him but I told him he was a disgrace to his family and to let me be. At school he would try and contact me. I told him until he was honest to God sorry and done with the partying, I would have nothing to do with him. His partying went on for about a month or two and then he was finally done. He begged and pleaded for me to take him back. I wasn't going to let him go by so easily, especially since I had been hurt so bad. Finally, I took him back.  We were doing good,  but that good streak was shortly about to end. June 9th, 2008. Off to boot camp he went. I wrote him a letter everyday. Sometimes three a day. I was dedicated to this kid. And making sure he knew I was supporting him throughout everything. I was going through my own problems at home too. I had all the money to go to his graduation, but sadly, that money had to go to bills because my father, the main provider for my household, had to get surgery and couldn't work for three weeks. Lucas understood and was kind of bummed out I couldn't go. But we attempted to make the best of the ten days we had. He had the typical mind set of I don't need anyone. So he told me I was crazy and I told him he was crazy for not wanting support. My father told me that was going to happen though because he had experienced the same thing. My father was in the military for twenty years. So I waited for Lucas and he finally accepted it. So he went to MOS at Maryland and we were going pretty good. Everything was fine and dandy. He came home pretty much every other month. He came home in July and everything was amazing. I never expected the following to happen. I had a week vacation to Orland with my best friend and her family. I didn't have much communication with Lucas because I didn't want to disrespect my friends family. when I returned home, the  SAME DAY, Lucas said that he couldn't hurt me anymore and I needed to find someone closer to me. At that point I was like **** YOU. So I went out with the girls, had my life, moved on. I was even talkign to someone else, but deep in my heart, I kenw I belongs with Lucas. He found out he was getting deployed to Africa and that no one besides me would give a flying ****. He got depressed adn begged for me back. I stood my damn ground and told him no repeatedly. I was not going to be played stupid again. Well one day, while I was at work, my mom called me and told me thatg Lucas was tehre at my house. i aws in complete shock. As much as I didn't want to see him, I was still happy and my heart was pounding.He was pretty much asking my parents for them to forgive him for everything he has done and if they would give the blessing for him and I to date again if I said yes. I wasn't just going to give up like that so I told him I woudl think about it. He proved, in those five days, that he was goign to work for my love. I know this going to sound a tad gold digger ish, but in actuallity it's not. He bought me a seven hundred dollar promise ring, and a hundred and twenty dollar watch. Anyways, so he went to Africa and I knew I had to take him back. I was extremely lonely and I knew he was the one I needed. I took him back and ever since then, it's been nothing but bliss. Although we have been argueing we are making sure we make through this and nothing will get us down./  He has two small deployments scheduled this year and before the first one he aid he is going to come home and ask my dad for his blessing for marriage. :) We are planning for our marriage in December and I hope to move to New Orleans in January. But that's pretty much Lucas and I in a nut shell. Sorry so long!! :)

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Ha ha, Yes! I totally remember being addicted to this website. Then when Lucas and I broke up and got back together, I realized life outside of EP. ha ha ha.<br />
<br />
Thank you ladies so much. Lucas and I have been through SOO much together. Everyone though we wouldn't last because I use to be the little gangsta girl and he was a prep. but he changed my ways and now I'm pretty much the most chill girl EVER lol

omg ur story is soooo similar to mine!!!! im so glad that ya'l r happy now!!!! msg me if ya ever wanna tlk. btw im cassaundra

hey girl, i totally know what you mean with the finding a life outside your Marine. remember when we used to all be on here day in and day out?!? i sometimes felt like i was closer with you girls than the people around me, and while it was wonderful while i needed it, i too went off the map for a bit. lol<br />
im so glad you and Lucas have worked things out! hope all is well : ) keep me updated on the wedding stuff!